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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, In the last few weeks, I tried to fight nitrate war around 60ppm, now it is nearly 0 with help of lot of hair algea plus newly added nitra guard (two small cubes) and new 140g chemipure. Please advise what I should do to reduce hair algea, currently I need to use an auto toothbrush to brush the libe rocks when doing water change. Any short tips to try will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. So late last night/early morning I checked my marine tank with a torch. Bristleworms every where. Eating my Duncan's. Mostly small ones compared to previous experience. So I'm declaring war on these punks again. Wish me luck!
  3. .Go science !!!!!!! Scientists launch genetic warfare on 'mosquito fish', plan to limit fish to male only - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  4. . Distractify | Beautifully Colorful Photos Of The Lethally Venomous Portuguese Man O' War you wont find better jelly pics!
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  6. Hey all, I know that neons battle out their hierarchy but everything i have read says a 2-3week period at most, mine have been at it for over four weeks there's 10 of them in a 3 foot tank and water parameters are good? One of them only has a tiny bit of his top fin left as the rest has been nipped off (but he's ok swimming and goes after other fish) and they are constantly at it.... I thought they were a peaceful schooling fish, i was looking forward to watching them dart around together or did I just manage to get the psychos? Would appreciate any advice!
  7. I have kept fish for many years - nothing too dangerous - and have never been hurt by any of the fish I have kept, that is until yesterday. I decided I would give my Devils Tank a quick clean despite them guarding eggs. Sure they will chase me away - but at least I will get some of the gunk out of the tank I thought. Chase me they did -- but that's not all. The female devil which is particularly defensive gave me a few warning charges and they decided I wasn't getting the message. So she bit me on the finger - not just a nip either - a real bite! My finger now has a nice little gash on it and about 4 or 5 teath seration marks. Needless to say I got the @#$% out of her tank and left her alone. So ... what's your war story?
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