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Found 50 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Today i went to pick up a 6ft tank with 3 blokes helping with the move... I thought i was getting a 6x2 but turns out it was a 6x2.5 and thus the glass thickness was way thicker than i expected. the three of us were struggling under the weight of the tank and as we were about to lift it up in to the ute we dropped it. Id assume it weighed around 300kg... The tank scraped down my brothers leg giving him a 22cm laceration basically from his knee to his ankle that was deep enough you could see his bone. Thankfully I have my first aid training (which if you dont have you should get now because you never know when you will be in a situation like this). He was rushed off to hospital and had surgery today, should only be there over night... it could have been much worse. Point of the story do not try to lift tanks without the correct amount of people... not only will it save ya tank but it could potentially do permanent damage if you don't, thankfully it didn't land on anyones feet... cheers, tristan
  3. I found my large platinum female angel face down in the corner of the tank this morning. No marks, damage, wounds etc on her body. All scales in place, gills seemed normal red with no visible parasites or anything unusual. I have lost 2 other fish over the last 3 weeks in similar circumstances. All fish in the tank seem to be eating well, no major visible fighting or dominance issues. Water parameters are or seem to be good, ph around 7, water soft, no nitrate,nitrites or ammonia. I did notice that she was very full with eggs and first thought was she may have been egg bound but she and her mate were spawning regularly without prolems. I know this is a stab in the dark but do you think I should add some melafix or something else and do a couple of WC's?
  4. I saw this setup on APTI Aquael Planted Tanks International facebook group and just loved the setup and work he had put in. The Shrimp sets are a big hit overseas and you can see why when they are done up like this. There are whole heap of his pics of his shrimp on a few of his posts.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Lol, now I got your attention, Just wanted to say Chopper and twocartonsnachilliburger are definitely good blokes! A. They both turned up when they said they would B. They both had utes, eskies, mates to help carry stuff C. The right money D. We're very polite about the fact I was running late and was far from ready for them E. (and this is probably the most important one) neither complained a bit when I electrocuted everybody! ^^^ this is a really good trait in a buyer I just found out Thanks guys.. Sorry for being so disorganized, especially to twocartonsnachilliburger who turned up to grab some tanks but had to wait for me to catch 100s of shrimp and separate them into tiny bags!
  7. Had these for a few months now they take a age to color up but looks to be i have 2m 3f which i cant complain about Any one had any experience keeping these fish , My favorite in my display atm And a quick snap of my chimoto reds
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Yep i hate australia post, very much so that i swear if you recieve something from them its going to be detroyed or half melted in transit. the fact that they melted a very rare vinyl Lp that came all the way from hawaii and was only 2000 of them ever in the world, is now useless unless i want to play frisby with fido, if that didnt frustrate me enough this really did, An Eheim 2180 ($1200 rrp) that i won on ebay came interstate and this is how i found it enjoy..
  10. We did Australia Zoo a couple of days after our Underwater World visit. The weather wasn't the best but we made the most of it. I have quite a few pics from this trip but without going too overboard, I'll just post some of my favourites. I also managed a few seascapes while we were up that way. Next time I'd like to get some sunrises. To many late nights this trip.
  11. Just thought Id put something(which is pretty obvious)out there....now that a few people have some of these guys(mainly in small numbers for display purposes)...I just want to stress the fact that these guys can interbreed so bear this in mind if you ever get accidental spawns..these "accidental" offspring in my opinion should never be released back into the hobby...and if for some odd reason you think that this is a good idea...it MUST be told to any future fish keepers...to jeopardise the genetics of these 2 varieties would not only be stupid but sad for an already rare couple of beautiful malawi predators ....so be smart keep rare fish pure (as can be ) just my 5c Champsochromis Caeruleus (longer and thinner in physique than spilos...) Champsochromis Spilorhynchus (chunkier and shorter in physique than caeruleus and also spilos have a dark patch/spot on the face between the eye and lips which is very noticeable as juveniles)
  12. Warning for anyone living in the Marburg area please read this article - Queensland Urban Utitilites warns Marburg residents to boil water after e-coli detected | News.com.au The following is particularly relevant to consider if doing any water changes:
  13. Tap water taste like a pool? Here's why | Sunshine Coast Daily Up the supachlor guys!
  14. So my juveniles from my June 23rd spawn are currently spawning in their tub out side. Took a couple of quick photos and a video. The photos don't show much, but the video is awesome in full screen. However, as they are in a tub, the photos and video are from above, so you don't see as much. The bubble nest is under a Java leaf and is about the size of a 50 cent piece, but there are hundreds of really small bubbles. I'd say the pair are 4cm~ TL, and max size for a male is 7cm. Two photos. Video
  15. Now these whole new "eco" pump ranges coming out are becoming really complicated. I mean they are cheaper to run but you need to really do alot of research on them and generally I find that you need twice the size pump to get the flow required for a general tank and to go a 3 tier you need almost 3 times the size to get the desired flow. Also the Watts they state on the box isn't actually what they use. I.e. I bought an Atman 20000lph pump that is suppose to use only 50Watt but actually uses 190Watts at 1m and giving me approximately 16000lph (using the graph as I don't have a flow meter). I only found this out cause I bought a Watt meter from jaycar. I heard from a little bird that it's rated without any water (run dry) When run under the pressure of water you get a complete different figure. I've asked several suppliers about this and they all say that whats on the box is the watts consumed regardless of head hieght. So how do you know what you are buying when the people selling you the products don't know themselves?
  16. OK No big stories here! just lots of pics and hopefully a superb outcome at the end of this build! (I say dditt & Co because this tank is my housemates tank - im just throwing the build thread up for him) Short story: Have a 4x2x2 growing out Cichla Mono's (see here) and a few other CA/SA cichlids. Wanted something bigger to display them in once full grown, Wanted something new, Wanted it perfect! Everything on this tank is being done the right way from the get go, so here are the details: Strike up Date: 1 August 2011 Display Tank: 6ft x 3ft x 30" Eurobraced (built by Dennison from Mary-annes Aquariums) 12mm glass Display Lighting: Dual LED strip lighting 10,000 kelvin mounted on customer made Aluminium Hanger (see page two) Stand: DIY Pine/MDF Kitchen Cabinet style Gloss Finish. Hood: None Sump: 4 x 15 x 18 Mechanical/backup Filtration: Odyssea CFS700 2600lph Canister filter w/ 9w UV Return Pump: 4500lph jebo temporary (Will upgrade to a quality 10,000lph pump shortly) Sump will be fed by two 50mm bulkheads with a return 32mm On to the build: We picked up the pine for the stand last week and have done a little bit this weekend but most of the frame should be together by the end of the week. Once the frame is finished, it will be lined with 16mm MDF which will rise 30mm above the top of the frame, this will allow the tank to slide in from behind, covering the foam and bottom layer of glass. Two doors on the front with hidden hinges and poppers, Plus both short sides will be hinged (also hidden) to allow easy removal/addition of sump/filtration. Stand will be 870mm tall to base of tank and 900mm to top of stand. More to come! We are building the frame from 70x36mm treated H3 structural pine.
  17. Re my recent thread about generators/invertors. I said that I was gonna do some research and this is what I've come up with: Adventurer's Corner/AGR Machinery/Mills Trading. Are one and the same. The genny I was gonna buy is from Adventurer's Corner. If you've got time and are interested..................perhaps you want to buy anything from a chainsaw to pressure washer to genny from ebay, then I suggest that you persevere and read this thread which has been running from Sept 2009 and is still running: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1283863 Note the new members who come in with their first post defending the company. Note the total sales and how, despite the numerous complaints, that their reputation suffers little damage due to their huge turnover.............note the average bid price on their stuff (shill bidding)............we are talking very serious sums of money changing hands here, based on their sales figures. Why has ebay done bugger all? Because they want the commissions? The bloody traders won't even deal with customer complaints if you leave negative feedback WTF??? Negative/Neutral Feedback received by agrmachinery Quote: "They offer to double your warranty if you leave positive feedback. They also offer to waive freight charges at times for positive feedback. So of course this situation develops. It is against eBay terms and conditions as I pointed out to eBay but they don't care about it." Quote: "They send your item out, you unpack it and inside is a note saying leave us positve feedback and we will double your warranty. The poor buyer thinks this sounds good, they take another good look at the new toy that arrived just to give it the once over before leaving feedback, it all seems to be there, it has nice new paint, if it has a motor they even give it a start, and it starts adn runs the chainsaw, generator, log splitter, whipper snipper, waterblaster all seem to work just fine now its unpacked and out of its box. The buyer then jumps on ebay and leaves positive feedback and then after they use the item for the 2nd or 3rd time its broken. The buyer will try and try and try to contact agr about the problem, but agr never return emails or messages even though you now have a 2 year warranty for the positve feedback. But hey what do agr care, the buyer has already left positive feedback and under ebays policy you cannot change your feedback once it has been given." It's just as well I've got a bit of time spare to have found the above. I already have a gurney purchased from one of these companies that apparently are one and the same and seem to have a stranglehold on ebay, but for sure, I won't be buying a genny..............should've researched the company a bit before I got the gurney (from AGR). OK, it's working ok but nowhere near the pressure stated. Based on my experience with the gurney, I decided to steer clear of AGR when purchasing a genny..............now I find that if I purchase from Adventurers Corner, it'll be no different............they're one and the same and seem to have ebay stitched up the way they like it.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Hi guys, Today i went about setting up my first dubia roach breeding colony. After seeing the live food breeding facility at xian leng arowana farm in Malaysia, and how important they consider roaches in their feeding regime, i knew i had to make one of my own. If you didn't know, i LOVE feeding live food to my fish. nothing makes a predatorial fish happier or healthier than live food. Course it's not financially possible for most to feed only on live food, and pellets do have their value aswell. I do it more for the pleasure of the fish than anything else. What you will need: 1x large plastic container/bin with tight fitting lid 1 (or more)x healthy container of roaches from your local petshop Many cardboard egg containers Scizzors Dog/cat/fish food 1x grinder or similar Potatoes, carrots or similar container lids or similar for food dishes I went and got myself a cheap plastic container from Sam's warehouse thisafternoon. was about $9 for the one i got. Ideally I would have preferred one that wasn't clear but I have just covered the bin with a towel so it stays dark. While I was out I purchased two containers of roaches from my local petshop (pet centre west burleigh). I made sure to select the containers with the largest/healthiest/most roaches inside. You don't want to start out with unhealthy stock. And some crickets cause my fish like them but they are quite dirty to keep myself. Next I cut up a number of egg cartons and stacked them in there so the roaches have lots of places to hide. I had tonnes lying around anyway. (Cats starting to get interested)
  20. A few months ago i purchased some elec yellow fry from a VERY VERY well known member of this forum to bring in some fresh blood . I arrived on time but was in a hell of a rush to get home due to one of my dogs getting out and running amok (the seller knew i was pushed for time ) Upon arrival i found the ten fish all ready in a white bucket ready to go , sweet i thought i can get going again quickly . In a rush i didnt bother to ask about the parent colony , just had a quick look in the bucket . A couple looked a little washed out but i just put it down to being a little stressed . Half hour latter i got home , pulled out the fish only to find that 7 out of the 10 had deformed or missing gill covers and were closer to white that yellow a apt name for them would be "ELECTRIC CREAMS " Totally ropeable by the waste of $60 i threw them in the frontie tank as feeders Well one survived ! Moral of the story ? -CHECK EVERY FISH you buy before you let the moths out of your wallet -regardles of the sellers rep and apparent well standing on the forum CHECK EVERY FISH -CHECK EVERY FISH Dont bother sending me PMs asking who the seller was as YOU know who YOU are
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hi all, So, for some silly reason I some how convinced myself that I don't have enough on my plate when it comes setting up tanks and decided that I would refurbish our 3ft. In all my madness, I do have a reason. When we bought it, the base of the inside (being made of MDF) was all swollen up and the stain on the stand wasn't exactly the best job but we could live with it. However, after constructing our 6ft x 2ft x 2.3ft tank that sits directly oposite using black, it kinda put the 3ft to shame in both size and style. So, to bring it back to life we are pulling it totally apart, fixing a few things up, sanding it back and redoing the stain to suit the furniture surrounding it. Some pics of the current state of the cabinet So .... time to start the refurb! Day 1 First off, we had to move our 30cm oscar to his temporary 6ft home Pumping the water backwards and forwards to level the parameters
  23. Still trying to get my head around the 10 billion options on my camera so trying out taking pics on auto, started with auto focus aswell then the last few were on manual focus. some pics are a bit off but its still a big progression from where i used to be. Also sorry the glass is a bit dirty i only just got back from working away and i cleaned a few here and there. Oh and camera is a canon eos550d using just the standard lenses. Once im happy that i know how to use the camera i plan on expanding the accessories a bit.
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