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Found 6 results

  1. We have received in the new Rossmount Pumps, they are Italian made with a 3 Year Warranty. Prices start at just $125 http://www.thetechden.com.au/Rossmount_s/2234.htm They have two series - The M series and the MX Series and the M series will attach to glass magnetically to hold them in place up to 15mm glass and the MX will go up to a 19mm glass. There is also a option for a controller that is due later in the month if you want to control them. Size wise they they are physically smaller than the Tunze pumps and they have two unique features where they have two different output methods where they can be set to either 60 degree flow for stronger flow over a smaller area and 120 degree flow for a softer wider area. The other thing that is really good is the reduced maintenance with ACS The Auto Cleaning System it's a set of windows and openings positioned in particular points of the pump. By a specific path, the water recirculates correctly in a forced way and eliminates the residual air inside, thus lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump that normally would consume rapidly due to debris, calcium deposits or salt. The Rossmount pumps also have a VAS system which reduces vibration. We have tried the M3400 and been very happy with the running and results with the tests we performed.
  2. Hey Forum Lovers We at Aquaholics Online are having a sale on our Allpet Care Aqua Heaters The heaters are backed with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY Prices are as following 50w - Normally $20.90 NOW $15 ($13.50 after forum discount) 100w - Normally $23.90 NOW $15.50 ( $13.95 after forum discount) 200w - Normally $26.90 NOW $16.01 ( $14.40 after forum discount) 300w - Normally $29.90 NOW $17.00 ( $15.30 after forum discount) Stock is LIMITED and will be until sold OUT (not to be repeated at these prices) Aquarium Water Heaters For Your Fish Tank Wholesale Direct
  3. There is a good reason why we love Tunze as a product. They are super reliable and if service is required they action them well, very well. Here is what happened. A good customer of ours bought a Tunze pump on 20/08/2013 and installed it yesterday and after 4 hours it stopped and the customer noticed scoring on the impeller. The customer called us yesterday at 1.59pm - we talked to the Tunze supplier at 2.04pm and called the customer back at 2.17pm and mentioned that the supplier would like a photo of the impeller. The customer sent off the photo and at 12.41pm today the customer emailed us as well as the Tunze supplier thanking them as he had his replacement pump. Less than 24 hour turn around from time of fault to replacement - absolutely awesome. It was thought the the impeller cap that held the impeller in place was dislodged somewhere in transit. So if you are thinking of pump and tossing up if you should get Tunze and if we recommend them - well we certainly do. One major important factor, the Tunze pump was purchased through us, an authorised Tunze Retailer not through a grey importer, as grey imports are not warranted nor supported by the Authorised Tunze Distributor in Australia so you might want to consider this when purchasing Tunze and ask the question... Pet City and Age of Aquariums are also listed as authorised retailers too.
  4. Hi All, We just received a massive shipment of Aquarworld heaters. Fully Submersible & includes a 3 year full replacement warranty. Link below, Age of Aquariums - Aquarium Heaters As always all QLDAF members receive their usual 10% discount off our advertised prices.
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  6. Hi all just after a bit of guidance as one person i have sold fish to is not happy with his purchase. After four days one has died and on day six tells me I need to take these fish back. In the begining of this he has sent a number of pms seeking help and I have made suggestions and offers to help and just want to know what you offer in a warranty if any thanks in advance. Gavin
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