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Found 3 results

  1. hey guys its aussie here and thought i would share a few pics on how i do my waterchanges. with large volumes of water you want a fast and easy way to transfer water in and out that requires large diameter tubing (25mm - 1inch) and a powerful powerhead (5000lph) ive designed and made a simple hose with pvc fittings cut to the length to siphon the exact amount of water i want out, make sure to have a strainer on the end to prevent any small fish from getting sucked in and flushed away when you start siphoning theres no need to wait as the pipe is cut to length and you can just simply walk away and have a beverage preferably beer in my case next step is connecting the end of the tube into a powerhead and have that in a large tank with your pre-prepped water, you want something thats going to pump it pretty fast as i aim to do a 500ltr waterchange in under 20mins now this part you cant walk away becouse you have to monitor when it gets full to the brim and then turn off the pump and remove the strainer end. so thats it :-) short and sweet with no buckets and backache so heres some pics of the process strainer end in tank fts paludarium end shot (moneyshot) ibc full of pre-prepped water being pumped into tank strainer end close up
  2. Just a general question. Is there such thing as waterchanging too much water OR water changing to often? I know some people water change like 80-90% in one hit and there fish look sexy. I myself water change my oscar tank two-three tines a week and about 25-50% at a time, is this too much? Just want to see some opinions
  3. Just wondering how long it takes the others on here to do waterchanges/cleaning each week. Did mine (overdue) tonight and finished about 4 hours after I started. Normally takes a bit less but I got a lot done; cleaned gravel for new tank, moved filters and fish around, etc etc.
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