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Found 11 results

  1. Hi thinking of putting wave maker in 4x2x2 planted tank with discus, wondered what lph unit would be suitable as do not want to blow them away. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. 've been considering adding a wave maker to my 6x2x2 discus tank to increase general waterflow in order to maximise the filtration potential of my sump filter. I guess if there is a higher flow in the water, waste particals are more likely to get swept over into the sump and therefore filtered out of the water. I've never used them so want some feedback. pros, cons, brands etc also what volume pump would i get to create flow but now blow my fish all over the place. also i like the idea of a moving head on the wave maker so that the flow is constantly moving around and not fixed in one spot anyway, tell me what you know thanks matt
  3. Hi all, ive recently set up an 8x2x2 and wondering what sort/lph wavemaker/s I should be running as theres a massive price difference between models. also what pellets do you recommend for my community tank. tia
  4. Guys just curious as to if anyone here uses pond filters as a "canister" filter on there tanks? Is there any reason you shouldn't? Also, Internal powerheads seem to max out at 2000l/hr (the ones I can find anyway). Can you use a marine wavemaker in a freshwater tank if you desire more flow? Any Input/advice appreciated! Cheers
  5. what size wave maker would be best for a 6x2x2? Need it to move all the crap and excess food from the bottom and closer to the inlet.
  6. All the guys who got these have nothing but praise for them. One of our members had the MP-40 and it died and one of these was to replace it and that member is very happy with the results, oh and the price,lol. This is some info on these pumps. . This chinese made wave maker does 13000 LPH, comes in a couple of modes: H (Constant stream at 13000L) L (Constant stream at 4300L) W1 Very short pulse and can create some huge waves. Pulse length can be varied, but they are all short. W2 W3Longer pulse that is more of a ramp up and then ramp down. Not much for waves, but varies the stream flow. W3 has longer pulse. Reef Stream Mode, a mixed, changing pattern that creates a random flow cycle similar to what you would find in a natural reef. Feed-stops pump for 10 mins and restarts on it's own. Night (If the light sensor is inserted, the sensor will slow down the stream at half power when the lights go off in your tank.) That’s all I know on them except in Auz at that time on the gold coast from that internet supplier you could get the old version for not much over $100,the guys got theirs for $90 each to their door from china and the ones they got, weren’t in Auz yet any way. Hey sound brilliant for the price and what that model can do.
  7. chasing some advise on what would be best to put in my 5 x 2 x 2 foot 500lt electric yellow tank a power head or wave maker and what size litre an hour would I need cheers yellows
  8. hi guys we are thinking about getting a wave maker for our cube tank just to help keep the excess food and waste of the ground not sure but would it help or not would love some advice from you guys we were thinking going a 600 to 900 lph wave maker cheers nev and paula
  9. How do you work out what lph you should use Cheers Adrian
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hi all, jus planning ahead. Going to scape a 6ft full of americans. Any thoughts on wave makers verses power heads ? Im trying to keep water movement issues and filtration issues seperate at this stage. Brendan
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