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Found 9 results

  1. First up one of my oldest anem crabs likes to keep up high and be ready to raise its claws, plus it’s the apex crab in the tank, lol, its nearly 4 years old now, well in tank years that is. I think it stays there to be higher then the other two in the tank. The harl pair are just plan creatures of habit, sort of, they go out from behind the hammer coral and grab a sea star, drag it back and they stay there till either its soft tissue is completely consumed or the sea star as just an arm or two and escapes, then they track that down later on, then back to behind the hammer.
  2. These pics at the end are two of my many acans that are firing up and spreading out beautifully. Poor things still haven’t experienced a water change yet and they get all dosing needs from food oxidation and these- Calcium. Dissolve 250 grams Damprid from bunnings in roughly 2 liters of RO water. Just be aware the mix gets a bit hot and with its reaction when the two are combined. Calcium citrate Any calcium coral, seashells, limestone, or dolomite is fine. Then combine with citric acid, lime or lemon will do nicely. Alkalinity Buy some pool alkalinity and PH up from Bunning's and mix 350 grams once it is cooled to 2 liters of RO water and mix for quite a while. Magnesium. Grab 2 cups of Epsom salts and add near double that of magnesium chloride as hexahydrate in neutralised or RO water and mix,” green health” on line has the hexahydrate. This solution isn’t added as often the other two parts, so I put in heaps each time I do add it. Iodide-iodine Is not usually needed as it comes from any foods added, this is for the algae pigments especially for the corals algae. Iron and vitamins. Use the swisse brand liquid iron in the vitamin section of the super market. Amino acids They come from feeding as the oxidation processes release it and algae excretes it as well as a bi product of photosynthesis. A part from old school xr-e diodes, no skimmer or wave makers, its that easy.
  3. 10 ways to make money from your fishkeeping hobby | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping
  4. Thought its time for another thread on your favourite way to kill these critters. Because as great as they are.... sometimes you need a break from them! Anyway heres the latest method I tried. "add sugar (1 tsp per 25 Litres (6.6 US G.) and wait two days) and they will rise to the surface. Obviously do not do this when you have other animals in the tank! May affect the nitrifying bacteria in the filter." ok so it turns the water water to look like milk but it does make the snails come to the surface. I moved the filter and air to another tank...... so probably some babies in the filter still. anyway it causes an epic water column bacteria bloom that sucks all the oxygen out of the water and causes the snails to come to the surface or die. worked rather well I think lol 100% water change later after scraping them all off with a net and I think I got them. but ya you need another tank for all the fish so have to catch all the fish = effort have to pick out all the snails when they come to surface (easy to drop them) = effort 100% water change = effort but it works......... and its cheap.
  5. hi there i was just curious and thought i would post and see how everyone heats up there fish room in winter if you'd like to share I am after a new way instead of putting 40 heaters in and making my electricity bill skyrocket.... would an oil heater keep the room at a good temperature being cheaper? gas heater? any ideas how i can keep my cost down would be much appreciated... chris
  6. I just got a 6ft tank. i don;t want to leave my fish in the bucket while the tank being cycle i don't have no room to put 2 tank so i am just wondering if i can use canister filters from 4 feet tank ( FX5 and 205 ) and skip the cycling process. FX5 is new i got it up and running on sunday.A few bucket load of water from 4 feet tank as well. Any thoughts ?
  7. Hey guys, i'm currently in the process of setting up my 120gal discus tank and i wanna make sure my wood is completely safe and doesn't turn my water funky. i know everything about tannins on the wood and that i just want to hear how you guys treat your wood Thanks guys this will help me out heeps Billy
  8. hi its me again i no i ask some stupid qusitions but as i am only 13 and cant work cos im under age well is there any cheaper way to run a fish room eg.How to cut back on electricity , food ect
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