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Found 12 results

  1. Check those heaters people. Get your insulation in your fish rooms finished. Hunker down for some chilly weather. Antarctic front to bring icy winter chill to southern Queensland
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  3. The weather we have just had in SEQ was sort of needed for out gardens/lawns and especially the farmers, but it has literally killed tons of reef aquarium life forms. This is the fourth year in a row that all those imperators, semicirculatus, anemones, clowns, banded shrimp, cleaner shrimp to name a minuscule amount of what these rains just killed. The severe loss of salinity kills these poor creatures in such horrific ways; they would have been far better off giving life a try in a reef aquarium. I know hobbyists put their reef pets in harms way, but the waste from all the horrific bacterial and hydration deaths that these life forms just died of, is not just sad for us recreational collectors, but with it they had no chance at life, at all! At least if they are alive and well, they can possibly elude predators and us as well, not now! Four years in a row there has been no high quality reef fish, corals or other inverts that have made it to past April in most estuaries. In my 37 years of diving here in SEQ and collecting for 34 of those years, there had never been anything like this taking so many reef lives. You put together all of our unfortunate aquarium deaths and they can not compare to these events that take at least a thousand times what all auzy hobbyists put together loose to power failures, mistakes, equipment failures and more. The other issue is that food scouses like algae forms, ascidians, benthic life, cyano, there are to many to mention and they were all killed off as well! Now they will take months for open ocean breeding to take them as planktonic life to start populating areas so reef life can begin, you see with them the new fish and mobile inverts that come in the plankton as planktonic sized life forms as well looking for new home to grow and thrive, have nothing to eat and will die! Also the phytoplankton that cleans our ocean has all been wiped out as well, so the ocean will remain dirty for a time and many photosynthetic and symbiotic life forms like corals, corallines, anemones,etc that just avoided the big wet, will die as well. Then the zooplankton deaths that fed many life forms are gone for a time as well, they will die from the low salinity and were feeding off the phytoplankton. The east auzy current moving past our coast line and tidal movements pulling the fresh high nutrient waters out to meet up with it, will take all this muck south and it will be processed by the little workers in the clearer cooler waters more south of us, but that will take some time. During that time the dirty waters from further up north will be soon arriving here, from up cairns way, will maybe take up to two months before arriving here and from the sunshine coast maybe a week or so and add to our already dirty waters. All estuaries in SEQ, bar some sections of the south port seaway and some inshore reefs, are now virtually dead!
  4. Hi anyone loosing any fish with this hot weather have lost a few larger and smaller cichlids with continuous 40 degree days?
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  10. Well i went away yesterday and left my little babies and come back to most of my fry dead. Now all the levels where good but i guess it was that hot this w/end caused them to pass on (poor little things ) Suggestions for best way to keep your cool tank while you are away in summer. Any ideas.... Leanne
  11. What does everyone do when the temp in summer rises up around 30 degrees, how do you keep the temp down in the tanks. Any advise would be great. Thanks Stu
  12. Living in Ipswich, is murder, as anoe who has visited Ipswich will tell you its either a few degrees hotter, or in winter a few degrees colder!, Wionter isnt a problem for my tanks cause of the heaters, how ever when its hiotting mid to high 30's and on some days 40, short of running the aircon flat out and blowing out my electricity bill, is there an other ways or means of keeping the tank temp down? Regards Marc
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