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Found 9 results

  1. Have been away on holiday for 3 weeks and have come back to find white sPot. 150L planted aquarium with a variety of tetras and guppys and long fin albino catfish... Guppys look like someone has springled air bubbles all over them! Pet shop said raise temp to 28 degrees and use a white spot remedy.. He wasn't sure if the remedy would affect the plants! Help... What can we do?
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  3. Hey everyone I keep 2 2ft bristlenose tanks and i was wondering your advice for leaving for a fortnight I've been told they can survive that long on just driftwood but other people told me they won't. The tanks are also fully stocked so would 2 weeks be too long for water quality? I normally do a water change every 5 days or so There's 5 large BN in one tank(80 litres) being filtered by a Fluval canister (1000lph) and an aquaclear 30 (600 lphr) and 10 small ones and some shrimp in the bottom tank (60 litres) being filtered by a fluval canister (700lph) and an aquaclear 30 (600lph) These are chock full of biological media so i'm hoping the water quality can be kept at safe levels for that long
  4. My L144 colony spawned in the same log they spawned in 2weeks ago...but there are still itty bitty fry in there that only just consumed their egg sack. Will the fry be ok? I will post a pic in the morning.
  5. the last couple weeks have been very good, i've finally finished setting up my new racks and tanks, i have now finished separating all my bn into the new tanks, most have been set up with trio's, just got a couple more to finish tomorrow, we are very happy with how it has turned out, last couple days we have found 3 lots of albino sf fry, 1 lot of marble sf fry, and 1 batch of marble sf eggs, have 3 batches of albino lf eggs, couple lots of common sf eggs/fry, just waiting on the marble and common lf to breed, and my L144 to start, also got my first L202 fry just before xmas, and not catfish, but found a big batch of fry with our sgjd pair, these normally don't survive much past wrigglers, but this lot are free swimming and looking good, so i have withdrawn them from sale as i want to see if this batch last without disturbing them to much, really looking forward to the next couple weeks, and i think i'll have to move some more guppies outside to make room for bn fry, and hopefully some sgjd fry,
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  7. Hey all, I know that neons battle out their hierarchy but everything i have read says a 2-3week period at most, mine have been at it for over four weeks there's 10 of them in a 3 foot tank and water parameters are good? One of them only has a tiny bit of his top fin left as the rest has been nipped off (but he's ok swimming and goes after other fish) and they are constantly at it.... I thought they were a peaceful schooling fish, i was looking forward to watching them dart around together or did I just manage to get the psychos? Would appreciate any advice!
  8. Water parameters are fine, fish is still alive although it looks to be thinning. Just wondering what could be going on? He gill flares a lot at a red jewell. I found the following on the net and it seems to be a similar situation. There's a good chance his jaw is dislocated. Anyone know how to relocate(?) fish jaws? Say "Aah" Hi, <Hello.> I have a firemouth Cichlid who for the past 2 days has had it's mouth open. Today I noticed that its open even wider and the skin right behind it's mouth looks very thin. It also isn't eating. Any thoughts? <Check closely to be sure that there is no obstruction in his mouth preventing him from closing it. Look for any visible growths or other abnormalities, as well. It is possible that his jaw is dislocated or injured, though, and there probably isn't much of anything you can do for him, aside from a trip to the vet to get the jaw relocated. Keep a close watch on your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH). If he is not alone in the tank, you may want to consider transferring him to a quarantine tank to ensure that he has the opportunity to rest without being harassed by tankmates. Try to coax him into eating with especially tasty foods like frozen bloodworms, or even small live earthworms. Perhaps stimulating him into wanting to eat will help him get his jaw back in place. It certainly wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call and ask him about dislocated fish jaws. Wishing you well, -Sabrina.> Thanks, Cheryl Found at: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebinde ... isfaqs.htm Appreciate any help!
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