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Found 37 results

  1. Hey guys i just noticed my dolphin swimming around on its side and what appears to be uncotrolled side rolls. All the other fish in the tank seem very happy. It doesnt seem like any visual features are out of the ordinary. Is my fish about to die or it just wants to be unique
  2. These are what I would call ugly corals and sort of fuzzy looking when I put food in the tank! They haven’t grown much over the years with suffering all kinds of space fights where I put them, but double in that time is okay I suppose.
  3. Hey guys, so I was checking my jungle of a tank today and found this one. Im a bit confused on grading shrimps so especially reds. Would you say she is a fire red or just a really red red cherry? Lol I dont keep red cherries by the way so how did she get there???
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hi. Every so often I come across these strange little creatures in my tanks and ponds. Unfortunately the picture isn't great but I'm wondering if anyone can identify them? They range in size from mere specks to about 2mm across. I haven't seen larger though I'm guess at around this size they become of interest as food. They are essentially spherical and almost transparent except for the blobby bits. They generally either float like dust or crawl along the subatrate. Anyone know what they might be? Thanks.
  7. I keep a huge colony of cherry shrimp in with my peppermint BN. 2 days ago I noticed a batch of pep eggs had been kicked out and was being swarmed by shrimp, now I thought they were eating them, but now I don't think so. I removed what eggs were there and put them in a net to hatch. This is where it gets darn strange. Tonight I moved some of the shrimp to a new tank (complete new setup), as I went past the tank a few min later I seen eggs on the substrate, thinking one of the females has thrown her eggs, didn't think much of it. However when I went back with my glasses on and looked properly, they are definitely eggs, but they are no shrimp eggs!! A female shrimp has snavelled some pep eggs and has been carrying and fanning them like her own! Has anyone ever come across this before???
  8. Where my one of my yellow cherries is saddled... the saddle is a pretty noticeable red colour is there any reason this could happen?
  9. Hi everyone. I have a young phenochilus Tanzania with a weird eye. The photo is not to good so best description would be small white spot in dead centre of eye. The fish doesn't seem worried at all so wondering if I should medicate or just leave if to sort its self out?. Thanks for your help Ph: 8.2 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate: 10ppm Kh: 196.9 Gh: 179
  10. anyone know what's happening to Berried of the Shrimp ?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. so, tonight I came home and i was looking at one of my tanks with baby bn in it, and to my shock i see a normal fish fry swimming up the top of the tank as happy as can be. I'm like WTF!!!! how did that get there, all i have in my tanks in bn (80%) a pair of american cichlids pair of kribs and had a pair of Apisto's where the male died these are all in septate tanks and all the tanks are linked to the sump. 1 conclusion that i can come to is that one day when i was cleaning out the strainers for the bulk heads a egg went down the pipe and made it all the way to the sump where it got past all of the filtering and has been hanging out near the sump pump, then today it go sucked up into the pump and ended up in the tank. if it makes it past being a fry i will call it Lucky or a better name someone suggests
  13. i notice one of my tetras had some sort of swollen nose it looked like a tiny pimple on the tetras nose/face area that was about 3 days ago and i cleaned it yesterday and noticed now about 3-4 of them have little pimple things on there nose/face are any idea on what it could be?
  14. I have 3 Tanzaniers 2Male 1female and 1 of males has been hiding under a rock for 3 days and doesn't even come out for food. Any idears Kind regards bob
  15. i have just changed my gravel to fine pure white sand and the water is still a little cloudy but i can see straight through the tank easily but his eyes look a little funny and he is just swimming around the tank and he is just getting a little to close to everything but its just him all the others seem fine.:confused: <thanks>
  16. Hey! Ive had this red emperess since spawn and it has just started to pull some weird colouration through and im worried it might be a disease issue. It started with an extra black line down the eye (i noticed yesterday) and tonight when doing a water change ive noticed his entire side of his face is now showing the black markings. He is the only one in the tank that is showing this weird colouration. Any ideas thanks in advance Hellen
  17. Ok guys, so I was walking past my tank and noticed my SGT acting weird, he was sitting in his PVC pipe as he normally does but he seemed a bit more aggressive then normal, he was chasing all the other fish away from this pipe apart from 1 other SGT. He is also moving the crushed coral away from his pipe. Not sure if this is normal, or is he trying to breed? Any help would be appreciated.
  18. im freaking out. I have recently been treating my discus tank for gill flukes. i got this new product and its called PARA-CIDE by aqua master. and triclorofon being the active ingredient. now i started this treatment on the 10th of Dec. now for this i had to remove my clown loaches and my sail fin plecos. and the instructions say to repeat again in seven days to prevent re infestation. now with this i did not do a water change for seven days becuase i was unsure if I should. I treaded again on the 17Th of december. but i made sure i did a huge water change so the fish would be ok. im meant to do a water change tis saturday, but i feel sorry for my discus so i went to do a water change today, then i realised these little tinny worm thingos moving around on the side of my tank and in the gravel. im really worried what these are and im unsure what they are. they wernt in my tank before i started to treat my discus for gill flukes, so what im thinking is that the gill flukes have layed eggs and now they have hatched and they r moving on the glass to find a new host aka my discus? please help me
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. hey all, just wondering if there are any weird/ oddball looking stuff that can go in with my africans i got some bns and a plec etc, but want to know if there are any weird lookin freshwater critters/ fish that can join them? i have a blueclaw in there also
  22. hey guys, just wanting to see if i can get some help here ive got a breeding pair of geophagus proximus' and the male has been a bit weird last few days, normally they are both swimming around or staying hidden, but the male is currently out in the open on the bottom of the tank and just today he has dug out a small area where he is, he looks normal and healthy by appearance. also when he swims he seems to struggle to get up higher for food. what could be the cause? (and yes i know the tank is a bit green atm, just did a big clean on my filter and algae has come up)
  23. Hey Guys, So ive noticed that one of my albino's has a weird red thing up its bum, which seems to have arms that are like moving around.... Not really sure what to make of it? Tried googling but not sure what to look for really... Any help would be great. Cheers Alex
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Hi all, Just wondering if someone could help me work out what my oscar is doing. Today the pest people came to give the house a spray for termites so after feeding all the fish last night we put the plastic sheets you put down when painting over the tanks and taped them up so no chemicals could get in the tanks and turned off the air pumps when they were spraying. When I went to feed him tonight, at first he wasn't interested which I thought was weird as he had missed out on the feed in the morning so I thought he would be really hungry as were all my other fish. So I left him alone for a while and went and attended to my other tanks. I came back and he looked interested so I gave him a pellet and he sucked it up and spat it straight out. My partner decided that I was doing it wrong, so she would give it a go and he did exactly the same thing. So we walked away and went and sat in the lounge room a kept an eye on him while watching tv. After a while he started to dig in the gravel, picking it up in his mouth and swishing his tail where he had just dug and spat the gravel out somewhere else. We continued to watch him and he did it in the exactly the same spot every time. I have a suspicion that is very similar to breeding behaviours, however I did not see a tube and there is no other fish in the tank with him. Also, I must note that I don't know if it is a male or female so we just call it a him I have no idea what is happening, any advise will be appreciated Regards, Ryan
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