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Found 22 results

  1. Any members here kept and/or bred whiptails? What are they like compared to BN? I am setting up a planted 2ft and wanted to see if I could try them out.
  2. I am looking for royal whiptails and red lizard whiptails for a colony tank I am setting up. They will be the only catfish in the tank with some non-agressive fish.
  3. Just wondering what are suitable tankmates for a pair of whiptail catfish? They will be housed in a standard 4ft tank
  4. as above i am setting up a tank "again" and have had mixed ideas and opinion's on keeping shrimp and royal whiptail catfish together? will the royals eat the shrimp or ph/kh and what not levels mess with one or the other?
  5. .Got this female royal today , she is 20cm just wondering how long there life span is and how much it is worth ? It is not up for sale just seeing what they are worth
  6. I haven't had much to do with whiptails. I bought my daughter a royal whiptail a while ago, and got ripped off. I am looking to buy a whiptail for myself. Is this a LG6? If so, are they fairly common? And what would be a rough price for one at 15cm? Cheers! (Sorry for the poor quality pic)
  7. Bought a couple of whiptails the other day and was wondering a few things like what size do they mature to breed ? Do they do better as a larger group? How long can they live .didnt buy them to breed they just look cool and hopefully when they grow i can put in with my bg knife ?
  8. hi can anyone tell me what sees i have. i thought i had 1 girl 2 boys, as i have had 2 batches of fry , please don't be afraid to give your ideas
  9. I have 2 royal whiptails. Pretty sure 1 is male, unsure of other. If someone can help me ID that would be appreciated. Also, do whiptails need a breeding log like bn ? Have read conflicting articles on the subject. Any other breeding tips appreciated too. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]31939[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]31940[/ATTACH]
  10. ARE they here in aust by any chance ? just thought i would put the question out their and see if any of these beauties are here....
  11. Got a nice whiptail donated to me a while ago, and i was just wondering if anyone know what species or gender it might be? Completely unknowledged on the whiptail front, i assumed it was a longnose, but now am not sure. Thanks guys!
  12. hey all,im trying to find out what type of whiptail this is,it dosent look like a lg6.thankyou
  13. hay guys i have 2big pair of royal whiptail and a group of 10 LG6 breeding whiptail. i get eggs all the time and 100s of fry but i cant seem 2 keep many alive.. so any help on food,water,tank set up would be great i get the fry to about 2weeks old then bam huge die off. the 2 tanks the fish r in are 3ft tanks about 200L each.royals in 1 LG6 in the other. is there 2much water space 4the lil buggers ta find food? the tanks have 4 big sponge filters in each tank no stones some wood and plants. any help would be great guys also keen for some red whiptail if ya have any lol. thanks
  14. Hi guys, Thought some might appreciate these pictures;
  15. Just thought id share this pic with everyone as im pretty impressed with this shot considering my digital camera is about 6 years old lol, let me know what you think Jase...
  16. I was browsing on plecofanatics and I found this great article to care and rear Royal Whiptail fry Posted by Ray aka Raycam01_au, This is a very interesting article to read, down the track I will give these guys a goo to. http://www.plecofanatics.com/articles/s ... .php?e=339 Thanks Etienne
  17. hey guys ive been involved in the whole aquarium thing for about 5 months now and i am addicted, but i havent had the chance to breed or have frys yet so i dont know what to do. i bought a royal whiptail today and the fish shop reckons it is pregnant which i believe also. do these lay eggs or are they liveborns? What is required for them to lay eggs on? rocks?if so how many? and how do i go about getting the fry after they are born? every bit of help is very much appreciated, thnx kenny
  18. i have finally had a bit of success with my whiptail fry. I have one pair about 13cm long they have laid eggs a number of times but I have never had much success raising fry. On the last occasion I figured I would try something different. I grabbed a heap of weed from an o/s pond and put it a small tank with an air filter, then used water from the main tank to fill this, added the newly hatched fry and hoped for the best. well 3 weeks later and all is good, there is heaps of weed and bottom of the tank looks dirty but the whiptails appear to be doing great, they are swimming more than I have ever seen them in the past. I feed with BBS(frozen) and fingures crossed they will keep on keeping on. I have another batch of about 50 eggs that have just started to hatch so I will be doing the same with them. It's not the cleanest tank, but the water quality should be reasonable given the amount of weed...anyway we'll see how it goes, here are some pics.
  19. just a few pictures of some of my whips and some random pics as well Planted 4ft Farlowella Whips Male female LG6 Royals
  20. Hey guys, Picked up a pair of Whiptails for a display and I'm not sure exactly what kind they are. Not being very up on catties, here's a photo for the people out there who know what they're talking about. Closest I've found (well, Brengun found) is LG6 Loricariinae sp. http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... es_id=1772 Cheers, japes.
  21. I had given up on my 3 Rineloricaria eigenmanni ever breeding and I had 5 cories and a dozen neon tetras added to the tank. NOW they decide to lay eggs and the tetras and cories were eating them! You have never seen cories and tetras caught so fast in your life. They are now in a bigger mostly cory tank. Back to the whiptails. I read that they like leaf litter so I tossed in some leaves and water from the pond and the water went a lovely green. I am hoping this is infusora? Fry would eat that right? I have no idea if the eggs are fertile or not or even how long it takes for them to hatch. Can anyone help, please?
  22. Hey all. I've recently aquired a few of these guys, and am keen to know as much about them as possible. They're not a royal, nor are they a common whiptail, but something different again. All I've found so far is http://www.scotcat.com/articles/article87.htm and http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... es_id=1772 Any of your help guys would be great. Dave
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