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Found 21 results

  1. I thought I had a pair of Royal Whiptails, the male is the smaller of the 2 and has had definite bristles for months now (first pic). The larger one I thought was female seems to be developing very fine hairs on "her" snout (second pic). Do females get any bristles or none at all?
  2. Hi I have just bought 2 whiptails and just wondering how you tell the difference between males and females ? I have done some online research but info seems vague and confusing. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
  3. i have a pair of redlizard whiptails and have noticed they have been in a D cave for afew hours now. i have had royals and they love the heater to lay on when its turned off. but do they also lay in caves? thanks rowan
  4. Hi all! A mate wants to sell his Royal Whiptails. He has 2 and they are around 15-17cm. How much would they be worth? He does not know their sexes. thanks
  5. Just took a couple of quick shots.Please excuse the dirty glass and flash as i am a lazy bugger.Both these boys are on eggs atm.The smaller male needs a bit more practice as you can tell by the infertile eggs.Ill try and get a shot of the female before she is about to lay looks like she is going to explode. Bigger male Smaller one Cheers Leigh
  6. Ok got some royal whiptail eggs in the tumbler and they are starting to hatch.Have been reading lots of info on the web and so far have bought a fry saver like brenguns from matthew at the fish cave.And i bought some spiralina powder and some agar agar to make some frozen food for the fry.I also have some rockes out in the sun in a bucket to try and get some algae going for them to graze on. Just a Q for brengun if you read this is how do you go about making the frozen spialina food as am not sure on the mix i should be using. And any other info i should know regarding raising would be great. Cheers Leigh
  7. Early this morning I woke to find... Now comes the trick of keeping them kicking.
  8. :phi, just checked on my whiptail and they have about 60 green eggs, can anybody tell me what to feed them in the next couple of days when they lose their eggsack. don't know much about them but i remember seeing a thread on here with someone saying they have a mixture made up to feed the little one any help very much appreciated cheers dave:)
  9. hi there do whiptails eat plants
  10. I was disappointed to find the pair of royal whips I brought from the auction on Saturday were dead in my tank last night. They seemed ok on Sunday as they were munching on some wood, but not sure what happened after that. They were in a quarantine tank with my other purchases and they were the only ones that were dead. All others happily eating etc. Other fish included pair texas, pair angels, three baby plecs and pair long fin b/nose. Quarantine tank is 4'x18"x18" I am a little stumped as to what was the cause of the death, but both had bloody marks around their fins and a bit on their belly. NOt sure if this was pre or post death. I have seen similar on hoplo catfish that have died - normally from being harassed by a breeding male. I am interested to know if the other two pairs of royal whips that were sold on the night are still OK. If anyone out there has any ideas on why the royals went belly up, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Might help me for future purchases.
  11. gday guys i have 2 lg6 whiptails(at least that wat i think they are) and just not sure how to sex them as i think i want to sell them but dont want to give buyer wrong description any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated pic 1 of first fish pic of 2nd fish cheers pete
  12. Looking for info on the breeding size for lg6 whiptails. Picking up 5 today, range between 6cm to about 10cm long. They'll be set up at home tonight and I don't expect breeding right away anyways, but just curious as to what the standard breeding size is for these guys. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know if anyone has or are breeding Pseudohemioden laticeps (Giant Whiptail) Would really like to aquire some if anyone knows
  14. does anyone know how long it takes for red whips to hatch h2o68
  15. Has anyone heard or seen albino or white royal whiptails ?????? thanks Henk
  16. What is the best thing to feed LG6 whiptails ? They appear to be carnivorous - they eat microworms but will not eat algae pellets or Zucchini .
  17. 2nd batch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well i just got my 2nd batch and im trying to figure out wich is the female so i can remove her, both have the same wiskers and the one guarding the eggs has been in that spot for about a week. not sure if its the female and shes still laying or the male guarding,there are about 20 eggs they are from the bottom lip down to the start of the tail. do the eggs change colour when fertilized they are green and seem to have a clear bubble around them
  18. Did a quick check on my red whiptails checked the mail in a glass bottom bn cave and he was fanning 4 green eggs. NOw I know 4 doesnt sound like much but these are only young fish and small and is there first spawn.
  19. Yesterday I bought 3 red lizard whiptails L10a. They seem to be a bit more active than my common whiptails. These red ones actually 'move'.
  20. Would it be OK to put 3 9cm BN's (2m1f) in a 2ft tank with 1pr whiptail catfish for about a week while I set up a new tank? The male whiptail is sitting on eggs, the BN's not breeding yet. KJ
  21. Would it be OK to put 3 9cm BN's (2m1f) in a 2ft tank with 1pr whiptail catfish for about a week while I set up a new tank? The male whiptail is sitting on eggs, the BN's not breeding yet. KJ
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