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Found 14 results

  1. .My pbass have contracted white spot from somewhere (believe it was brought in with some plants i added. I was doing a bit of reading and it says it generally will effect scaleless fish first... However only my pbass have it and my catties, ater, eel etc all dont. Anyone know why this is? P.s. Have already raised temperature added salt etc to the water to help cure the disease. Wanted to do that before using any medications.
  2. How long to you treat for parasites such as whitespot? I had one of my tropical bays (600L split tanks) come down with whitespot about a month ago which I treated with protozin, however it seemed to come back about two weeks later.. I think I did not treat for long enough. My course of action was to bring the temperature up to 29-30°C, dose with protozin for the recommended six days and during that time I also added melafix. I have read though, that treatment should be continued up to two weeks after all symptoms have disappeared? I always use medications as a last resort, initially I start out using natural melafix and playing with salt & temperature, however for this case it seemed I had to use protozin. Any thoughts or experience you'd care to share with little (young) me? It would be much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I have a problem with whitespot in my goldfish grow-out pond, the pond (above ground swimming pool - 4,000L-5,000L) has been set up for about 2 1/2 months running with 15 goldfish and some big clumps of pond plants. After checking the goldfish yesterday I noticed a single oranda with with white spot. Upon closer inspection today i found MINOR infections on 1 or 2 others. Catching the fish without stressing them out isn't really an option since the pond is SO big. What do you recommend i treat them with. I looked at treating with Potasium Permangenate or Malachite green but the huge size is pretty inhibitive. I read on google that salt treatment works well so i was thinking of going along this path but was wondering what you thought? Problem:- White spot Ph:- (Will Try and Test Water Parameters Soon) Ammonia:- Nitrate:- Nitrite:- Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- 4,000-5,000 Litres (Old Above Ground Pool) Temperature °C:- Below 15 Been running for:- 2 Months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Fish in tank:- 15 Goldfish at 5cm Plants in Tank:- 3 Big Clumps of Reeds (Brought from Bunnings), Mini Waterlilly and Vallisneria Feeding:- Tetra Goldfish Flake Once a Day Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:- Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly
  4. I noticed when they came out of the log that they had dots on them that appeared to range from on their body to on their fins and I assumed this wasnt normal so I gave a small dose of multicure to the tank after giving it a water change, what should I do next? Steve.
  5. Hi having dramas with whitespot.My question is if i up the temp to 29 and add salt 1 gram per lt do i have to take out the activated carbon.As This is a pain in the ass from a canister filter. Cheers Leigh
  6. Dear mods. I think you should make a sticky on white spot, as its asked at least 50 times a week. Would save the hastle of answering with the same thing every time.
  7. Hi setting up a planter and got a blue ram yesterday that has whitespot(didnt notice he only has a couple of spots and was from a reputable shop that usually i have never had a prob before).I don,t have another tank setup that i can treat him in as i am only just starting up the hobby again.What treatment can i use that doesnt make the water blue or green and stain the plants.Other fish are couple of bristlenose 13 neons 10 rummy nose and a clown loach.Tank is 3x15x18.Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers leigh
  8. Just wondering if anyone has successfully nursed a Barra back from a bad case of white-spot? Mine is in the early stages, and I'm just worried about me little mate Pulled the carbon out of the filter, dropped some white-spot gear in there, although about half strength because of my eel. I've also upped the temp by 2 deg to 30 over the last 48 hours. Salt will be added tomorrow.
  9. hi everyone i bought a fish eletric yellow from a reputable aquarium shop and put it with the rest of the fish. i also put in some treatment when introducing new fis, 3 days later all the fish broke out with whitespot. i have used whitespot remedy as directed but my fish keep dying. i have so far lost 27 fish so far. please please someone help. thanks marilu
  10. can you please give me ways you guys have found that helps please. its getting pretty bad realli quickly. yesterday i did a water change and added whitespot remedy, and now i have the temp up to 30 degrees. am i doing anything wrong? and can i do anything else? i realli dont wanna loose ma bristlenose so please help me. there are only commons and albino's in there so i dont need to think about other fish which is good. and was i sopost to do full dosage or half dosage with the remedy thanks!
  11. ok so i brought in a fish from an unnamed lfs here and it had whitespot *i didnt quarantine as it was in a display and looked healthy in the shop. anyways nowe both my clown loaches have whitespot really bad, so i have already treated them with whitespot treatment *a formaldehyde/mal green mix* and its doing nothing for them would throwing a handful of salt in help out? also what kind of salt? i mean i have salt flaked that i use in cooking or are there certain types of sakt that can be used??? cheers peoples a quick response would really save my fish some unneccesary agony
  12. Just wondering if you use the same treatment as cichlids....Salt and temp? Here is what's in there: congo tetras priscella tetras white fin ornate tetras blues eyes guppies mollies sword tails black neons panda corys leopard corys unknown gudgeon fighter fish dwarf gouramis glass catfish mystery snails white cloud minnows peppermint BN Orange spot BN common BN threadfin rainbow It's a new tank but is was aged first. The fish can from different places so I was kinda expecting trouble but was hopeful. I didn't have the space to separately quarantine everything so i put them all in together and hoped for the best can anyone suggest a medication that wont die the tank? The tank is 5x15x20. Thanks Carl & Jenny
  13. We have just notice fish in our tank have whitespot. We are going to up the temp and add salt as this seems to work other people. Just not sure on how much. We have a 4x2x2 with the following fish: 2 peacocks 2 elec blue 1 afra 1 featherfin cat 1 gibby 15cm 1 common pleco 15cm 12 albino BN Any help would be great thanks. Carl & Jenny
  14. I seem to be fighting a never ending battle with whitespot of late. I have a few questions about it: 1. Once it is in your tank will every new fish get it? 2. I have been treating it with Marine white spot remedy to no real avail is there anything better? 3. Can anyone actually explain to me what it is and what causes it? Thanks Jade
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