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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Are there many members around Bundaberg? I'm finally getting back into natives after a few years absence. Does anyone know where I can get a couple of those big black garden tubs between here and the Sunny Coast? My plan at the moment is to start breeding glass shrimp to feed my rainbows and Aussie bass (1 of). I have a handful of Honey Blue Eyes in a 3ft indoor tank but they are yet to breed despite having them for a couple of years now. Perhaps I may have more luck in an outdoors pond/tub with a bit of green water?
  2. You can buy wide bam torches for under water pics but at much more then it cost me to convert one. I got a 2000 lumen single diode torch recently from Hong Kong I think it was for around $14 to my home here in aus and then the ultra fire battery and charger that was held up in customs for a week or so for around $12, lithium ion batteries are closely looked at before being let in. The torch I cut down to put the diode nearer to the glass so the affect would be a wide beam and it worked out great, these are just a couple of pics of that cut downs results and two pics of the colours that the torch helps with. Torch cut The result A couple of pics with that light in use. \
  3. ....Hi all looking to buy a 2nd hand or ner new display tank for my Frontosa colony needs to be with a cabinet not a stand. if anyone's looking to sell one with in 2hrs drive from Toowoomba qld 4352 let me know pm me or sms me on 0403745984 cheers
  4. Hi all, Thinking if moving to a 4 x 2 x 2 in the lounge and putting it on a solid entertainment unit we already have. It's 18" wide however (plenty long enough tho) and I would be using styrofoam. Can this work? If so, can it work with the 6" hanging over the back? If not, is 4L x 18w x 24h a common size?
  5. Hey guys, Ive been unsuccessful in finding a really wide range pH tester. Im talking from like 3.0 to 10.0 at least. Also i wouldnt mind good hardness testers to go along with it and perhaps even conductivity. (im looking into breeding some blackwater species of Apistogramma, and Tangs of course ) Can anyone recommend a good, accurate, wide range test kit that wont cost me an arm and a testicle? Cheers, Cody
  6. 15% OFF Everything in Store For Tomorrow Only Tuesday the 24th December 2013. " No further discounts apply " Great time to pickup those last minute xmas gifts. Please mention that you saw the post on QLDAF to receive the discount. For our online customers please do not worry we will be doing something special online early in the new year. Ben
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Water parameters are fine, fish is still alive although it looks to be thinning. Just wondering what could be going on? He gill flares a lot at a red jewell. I found the following on the net and it seems to be a similar situation. There's a good chance his jaw is dislocated. Anyone know how to relocate(?) fish jaws? Say "Aah" Hi, <Hello.> I have a firemouth Cichlid who for the past 2 days has had it's mouth open. Today I noticed that its open even wider and the skin right behind it's mouth looks very thin. It also isn't eating. Any thoughts? <Check closely to be sure that there is no obstruction in his mouth preventing him from closing it. Look for any visible growths or other abnormalities, as well. It is possible that his jaw is dislocated or injured, though, and there probably isn't much of anything you can do for him, aside from a trip to the vet to get the jaw relocated. Keep a close watch on your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH). If he is not alone in the tank, you may want to consider transferring him to a quarantine tank to ensure that he has the opportunity to rest without being harassed by tankmates. Try to coax him into eating with especially tasty foods like frozen bloodworms, or even small live earthworms. Perhaps stimulating him into wanting to eat will help him get his jaw back in place. It certainly wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call and ask him about dislocated fish jaws. Wishing you well, -Sabrina.> Thanks, Cheryl Found at: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebinde ... isfaqs.htm Appreciate any help!
  9. Carried over from another thread.................. Within 3 days they had got me the aqua one "walking sticks" ie the inlet and outlet pipes that other LFS's knew nothing about, that google revealed nothing with an "Aqua one canister filter spares" search, that the aqua one spare parts documentation revealed nothing, and that I had just about given up on. For those of you with wide tie bars and fluval filters, these aqua one spares will solve your problems. They easily go over wide tie bars and fit fluval hoses. Thank you redland pets.
  10. Two trips in one day at the start of June! One of our clubbies went with a mate down the coast to practise some deeper snorkelling collecting and a couple others went out by boat to find a plane wreck from 1947. The coast was awsome that was the wording on the coast, sounds great for some experience; clear water to by the sounds of it,better than we had out wide. The trip out in the boat was very fruitful as well, the main part of the plane was hopefully found, but in a dive at around 80 feet,we had a bronz whaler and a white pointer make it a little to interesting to dive on tank that day so a nice easy snorkel at the rufus king wreck on the way back found no crays this time but a couple of nice fish to chase and a anemone crab from a lone bubble anemone with a lat in it as well. Hopefully it will have something else nice in it next time we go there. The gps marks for the part of the planes main body we found were kept so that we can park straight over it next time and hopefully get a video of it,the camera used is not safe to that depth so,it might work? The fish life there was rediculas,a lot of banner fish on the well known wheel and wing,more than i have seen before,even what you would see on diving specials on tv. The video is only safe to 3 metres but it works at 40 feet so we will put a line to a float and start filming at 40 feet and just go down, hopefully it will work. These are what was got all up for the aquariums from the wreck. A cute little anemone crab (Neopetrollisthes ohshimai) A bannana wrasse (halichoeres chrysus) Another cute little clown trigger(Balistoides conspicillum)this one stays in my tank!There seems to be one next to every rock this season. This lat was on it's own in the large bubble anemone at the wreck(amphiprion latezonatus)the anemone crab was under this anemone. A nice little heraldi caught,top fish to have.
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