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Found 6 results

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  5. This is part of the project I have been working on in my garage. Looking to connect a total of 8 IBC's... 1 being the filter I have created. First I purchased 3x 45L/min ( 25Watt ) halia compressors from Ebay for $100 total inc delivery. The larger ones don't seem to do much more when you calculate the power they use. more indeppendent units = less power consumption + higher overall out put. currently using just the 1 which I fitted a longer single line with a larger stone. picked up a 300Watt jager heater for $65 delivered and hung inside the single IBC. ( when all the IBC's are connectted and purchase more heaters I will install them in the bottom of the filter IBC. I found you can get away with less heaters for a larger volume of water.) Step 1 FILTER - the filter is the hardest part to construct. constructed a frame with S/S screws, pergola roofing sheet and plastic corner thing I guess you could get from Bunnings. when constructing the cage reinforce the sides with the pergola roofing as the batts will bulge out sideways when they start to build up. lay the bio batts inside the cage and lower the cage inside the IBC using rope like a coffin. Step 2 SPRAY BAR - drill another fitted sheet of pergola roofing in the lower groove to allow water to trickle through and using a 65mm PVC pressure pipe approx. 120cm, cut one end at 45 degrees (this is a must as it allows easy insertion later) Just behind the 45 cut, slice 4 slits approx. 2cm around the pipe using a drop saw to allow a gutter guard mesh to sit inside the pipe, then do another 4 slits parallel to the first 4. now drill holes according to grooves remembering the 45 end is the inlet from the adjoining tank. Using the hole saw drill holes (tight fitting to pipe) through apposing sides so that the spray bar can feed right through from one end to the other and still hang out to allow support. Drill the IBC to be attached also. from a local bearing and oil seal supplier pick up 3x V-75 v rings. They are very suitable gromets, can hold alot of pressure and at $3 - $4, a very cheap alternative to bulk heads. fit the v rings to each hole and pop an end cap on the PVC pipe. lube up the 45 cut end of the PVC pipe with vaseline and feed n twist through the filter into the adjoining IBC. Using gutter guard, cut a square to fit the internal diameter of the pipe leaving 3cm strips off each corner like an X so they can be pulled through the 4 slits with ease and fold back through the second set of slits to prevent the mesh from falling out.
  6. I'm moving from my current unit to a town house. Benefits of the unit were one long concrete wall with no windows, unit also had no A/C (ceiling fans). Town house has A/C, and LOTS of windows... So since my aquarium experience is soooo limited and where these two are sitting is where they've sat since I started, I'm a little worried about where I am going to stick them. When I was doing all my pre purchase research and the following weeks, I read a lot of Commandment no 1. Thou Shall Not Place Tanks Near Windows! What is peoples personal experience with this? And with Aircons? Things for me to be careful of? If I keep window dressing shut (vertical blinds) and the windows cracked when I'm not there would that work? Tanks have black backgrounds, and heaters. One would be partially across a window, and shouldn't (wont know 100% until I'm in there) be in direct sunlight. Neither will be in the direct path of cold air from the A/C (split unit). Thanks heaps Felix
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