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Found 16 results

  1. I use mainly rainwater for my water changes on my sumped system, and every winter I have the same problem. Plenty of rainwater in the tanks, but no sun available many days to heat the solar panels I have on the fishroom roof to heat the water as I pump it through on the way to the sump. So I end up using the house hot water, which impacts on both the power and water bills. Recently it occurred to me that I heat my fishroom during the winter and have space available on top of one of my stands. So I thought, why not get a flat water tank to sit up there, pump the cold rainwater into it, and after a day or two in the heated fishroom, it should be warm enough to use for water changes. However, after googling I found that all the commercially available flat water tanks are either too wide or too high to fit in the space I have available. So then I found this guy : http://www.abbertanks.com.au/ He makes custom sized water tanks out of food grade polypropylene, usually for commercial and recreational vehicles. He can make a tank any size and shape you want and fit it with female 3/4" BSP poly fittings so you can add inlet, outlet and breather fittings. I got him to add an additional one for me at the bottom underneath the inlet and I put an elbow on this one with a piece of clear tube running up to the top so I can see how full it is. The tanks he makes are made for vehicles which move, so are fitted with baffles to prevent the water sloshing around. This makes them very strong. And they are light. Mine holds over 1,000 litres and weighs less than 30kg. So after laying a piece of 19mm form ply for it to sit on, and a test fill which confirmed no leaks, I now have the capacity to have over 1,000 litres of water available constantly for water changes during the cooler weather. And I was very happy with the price I negotiated with Chris at Abber Tanks, I thought it was very fair for a custom job. He is located at Burpengary northside of Brisbane, so I was able to go for a drive with my mate with the ute and pick it up, although Chris can arrange transport anywhere. May not be the solution for everyone, but if you heat your fishroom during the cooler months and have an odd sized space available, it may work for you. Cheers, Doug
  2. Can anubias, java fern, us fissiden survive without heating through our winter?
  3. I have two feeders in a 60litre tub outside (mini pond) will they freeze over winter???! How cold can the water get before they die??
  4. Ok I will try to keep this brief. I have a 3 ft 150 lt freshwater tank that I have just setup. Tank is inside and windows closed.. Purchased a Ehiem Jager 100w (100lt-150lt) heater and put it in on tues evening. Tank temp was just below 10degrees. Now minimum temp on these is 18degrees. Over 36hrs it maxed at 15 degrees. I upgrade it for a 150w Jager heater good for 200-300lts and put it in last night-gave it 15 mins to adjust/settle like the aqua one units and set it at 18degrees. Tank temp was 7.8 This morning tank temp was 10 degrees??? I have now put another heater in the tank at the opposite end (brand new aqua one 300w heater) to hopefully get it up to 18 degrees then slowly up to 25 degrees.. Anyone else had trouble like this?
  5. I wouldn't stress too much:) here is a pic from a ranchu breeder:)
  6. Hey guys as this will be my first winter looking for helpful tips on keeping all my fish alive and healthy for the colder nights as i spent the last few mouths building my small system setup now because this is a addictive hobby it has grown to stupid 52 tanks in the shed . But now needing ideas how to deal with keeping them all at the right temperature i have put in 2 x 3oow heaters in the sump and sheets of form around the back and sides of the tanks but still finding it hard to maintain the system on cooler nights so now looking around for ideas that are cost affective and within a my budget.
  7. There have been roughly three trips since the last time we were on here and it’s been very cold on the trips. This link is where all trip photos are kept. http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting An olivaceus out of the two, this one was for me, than I changed my mind and gave it another club member. Thats all for now.
  8. I run my tanks at 25°c and as the weather has cooled I have noticed the heaters on more and more. I would like to know whether anyone lowers their tank temp over winter to save on power usage? Would lowering the temp on my tanks to 22-23°c have any real adverse affects on my fish?
  9. I have bristle nose cats. Do they need to be heated in then winter months. Don't want to loss any.
  10. Just Curious What was your winter power bill like now with the rapid cost of electricity going up ?? http://www.qldaf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=34719
  11. hi there i was just curious and thought i would post and see how everyone heats up there fish room in winter if you'd like to share I am after a new way instead of putting 40 heaters in and making my electricity bill skyrocket.... would an oil heater keep the room at a good temperature being cheaper? gas heater? any ideas how i can keep my cost down would be much appreciated... chris
  12. will gold fish breed in a 400l tub in winter ?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hi all, I'm new to the world of African cichlids & have allways been told that africans need a water temp of around 25-27 degrees. I went to a fellow fish lovers home ( I won't mention his name ) who said that he does'nt run heaters in his African Cichlids tanks because they are robust enough to handle the water in winter, he only runs heaters in his fry tanks at 23 degrees just to take the chill out of the water. i saw how many tanks he had without heaters & i was amazed, the fish all seemed to look fine. look forward to comments from more knowledgeable people then myself, Jeff w !!!
  16. hi , just looking 4 some opinions on ways 2 keep my small fish room at the right temp during winter . room size 7 meters x 3 meters & is sealed with only about 15 tanks running at moment ,, but will be needing more as have lots of fry growing ,, dont really want 2 run that many heaters as may put the elec/bill up 2 much .. any sugestions ??? without costing $1000s . thanks
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