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Found 91 results

  1. Just want to give a big 👍 to the The Tech Den. I've ordered a few times now and have to say I am always surprised (pleasantly) with the speed and accuracy of my orders. Generally my order turns up the next day, (last order was paid Monday morning and turned up Tuesday morning less then 24hrs !! ) always carefully packed. After years of buying and selling online (ebay business outside of fish) I can appreciate their obvious dedication to their customers and just want to say thank you! Good job guys 👍👍👍
  2. Is this gravel ok as a cap for a substrate planted tank? Or is it still to big? Or would pool sand be better then this? Cheers
  3. I do like what the guys at ANGFA are doing. https://www.facebook.com/angfaqld?fref=nf Keep up the good work guys.....
  4. I just wanted to see if I could get some feedback on this sump setup? I could be completely on the wrong track here. It will be to support 3 x 2-foot tanks (58 litres each) for breeding. I wasn't sure whether the Refugium and Bio Media should be swapped too. Actually I don't even know if what I want there is called a Refugium. I just want to use that space for things like growing some Anubias onto logs or sinking driftwood or growing fry.
  5. As above, has anyone used the beams work led lights for plants, are they any good?
  6. Hey guys what sex do you think this festae is. Bars only show when it's angry other wise the top of the fin is blue and there are no visible bars only very light spots.
  7. So I've spent the long weekend searching for and setting up a 2ft breeding tank for my Discus pair. Two days ago I set the tank up with water and filter media in an external hang on filter from my existing tank and yesterday squished out media from my canister filter into a bucket of tank water till it was nice and soupy (ewwww) and washed and ran two sponge filters in it (water cleared up surprisingly well I'm also adding stability daily to help. I'm getting exactly the same ammonia (0) and ph readings from both tanks. I really don't want to buy more nitrite and nitrate kits, the last lot were way out of date because they never get used and I threw them. I've had half a dozen neons and glow lights swimming around in there as happy as anything for the last 2days. This morning the discus are dancing around the new discus cone and getting set to lay in the community tank again. Do I move them, is the new tank ready, do I have time to buy some test strips or pop in to the lfs to test the water (don't think so), cross your fins guys!!!
  8. This is a shrimp of some kind?? and comes from 37ks out to sea in very shallow water from an algae ball and is less then I mill thick and 7 mill long, there were maybe 20 or so in the bowl that came out of that algae. Only one had multiple body parts, the rest were of just one tiny log like body. I assume the larger one makes new ones by detaching those extra body parts to become individuals. Its front area flips like a tail dragging it along and also that parts legs walks along dragging the body. The thing is these things are part of that log like body; they have around their head and tail retraction wrinkles, like a turtle has on its neck.
  9. We had our 25th and 26th off and now we are now back to work - just the 1st is the next day off. Hope everyone is enjoying their break and had a good Christmas.
  10. i just wanted to say a big thanks to 2 of our members, [MENTION=5203]bulldrag76[/MENTION] and [MENTION=9695]blasche92[/MENTION] i posted an ad for some blue pindani's, both the members above replied via pm that they had some, but toowoomba was a little further then we wanted to drive, so long story short i bought both lots of fish and the 2 guys got together and arranged for blasche92 to drop them off today as he was down my way, fish arrived safely and are top quality, thanks guys, it's great to see there are still some people who will do that little bit extra, both [MENTION=4961]Sparky[/MENTION] and myself appreciate it,
  11. OK so i'm tossing up an idea of drastically changing my current 6x2x2 display tank. It's currently a south american setup up with planted driftwood, sand etc etc I'm getting the flowerhorn itch bad and am thinking about emptying the whole tank going bare bottom with one or two fresh water rays (my son is obsessed with stringrays), 1-3 flowerhorn and 1 arowana. My concerns with the flowerhorn is that i might be better with just one so that none get harrassed. also will the fh pick on the fresh water rays? if i went say 3 fh would that be enough to share the agro if i get them all young? i would get males only as well I guess i would get everything juvenile so that they all grow up together and hopefully get along. it's just a thought at the moment but i'm very seriously considering it your thoughts? ideas? Suggestions thanks
  12. So after getting my order from livefish courier drive says to me...do you want to buy my tank.. only grew yabbies in it for fun but its been sitting in the shed for a while.. said yea sure and had a look...quite scratched, custom made, didnt grab measurments, but 6ft long about 40 high and maybe 60 wide. all up for the tank, all the usual stuff, filter, heater and a solid metal stand..$20 and a promise to pack freight neater than my predecessor lol! will get photos up when i pick up the tank and start the project, but at the moment planning on doing a water seal test, using some hints on here to remove scratches and then possibly think about investing in a new filter
  13. Hey guys! This is my newest aquascape, three days old and I'm already super stoked! Tell me what you guys think or any ways I might be able to improve! Don't know why the photo vanished before
  14. hey guys and calling all african fanatics, ive finally made up my mind and going all Tanganyikans for my next big project display tank. ive just bought a large school of leleupi (12) and some juvenile f1 kingoma frontosa's (5) and wanting to add them with other tangs such as nigripinnis and leptosoma's. will this work in a 240g 8x2x2? any advice will be great, cheers aussie
  15. This lemon peel that I collected around two years back has always been a little pushy, but wouldn’t harm a fly, it has no interest in corals at all, so over all, its been a good reef pet. That made me work quite hard to make sure it survived this massive damage that the poor little beggar has been through. This is a pic of it at its worst bleeding profusely, its now doing great in its own tub with a chelmon it likes to make believe its in charge of,lol, it cant even swim properly, but hey, it has forged its place in my hobby. I don't usually get attached to any reef life these days, but this little toughie is a little different.
  16. 5ft 150cm Cree Aquarium LED Reef Grow Light 3 Watt Leds | eBay any idea that this light will work for planted tank thinking of getting it. Many thanks in advance
  17. Hi There, I am looking to connect with any aquascapers in Brisbane interested in turning their Hobby into a potential professional service. I Have a business in design and construction of outdoor living areas including outdoor kitchens etc and looking to diversify my business. Looking for people with good design and practicle experience in dutch and natural style aquascaping, preferably with some basic knowledge of aquaponics and bio filtration. Some knowledge of any software for aquascape design and interest in outdoor micro environment design software would be beneficial. Welcome to phone me on mobile 0428 382 765 to discuss further.
  18. hi asking another most likely silly qwestion i just bought a female cichlid and i all ready had a male i got the male a week ago and got female today from same place i got the male i put her in the tank and she turns from blue to bright white and shakes her tail like shes haveing a fit and male swims around her heaps are thay Courting each other im new to haveing cichlids cheers
  19. Hi All, I thought I would just get some more opinions. I ordered a sump through a shop who quoted $300 for a 3.5ft sump (I do admit the design is a little complicated) which I was happy to pay as they offered a quick turn around (within the week) and a top quality job. Below is a picture of the silicone job I received 3 weeks later. Am I being unreasonable to ask them to redo it? Thanks
  20. So my tanks arrived on Sunday from Petfish, they are soooo sexy execllent work very happy with them. I will post a pic up of them soon. next thing to get is a stand. gone with pallet racking from ID trading. maybe picking it up on wednesday/thursday this week
  21. Just thought I would share pics of the stands I build always made to your specs and all of them top quality let me know what everyone thinks Thanks brad Thanks brad
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  24. Hey All, Planning on sumping my, its 3 tier rack - holds 6 tanks @ 2x1x1 ive decided not to drill the tanks, but will be making pvc overflows for each tank. Ive made one already & it seems to work well. How do I work out what size sump pump i need?
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