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Found 30 results

  1. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
  2. Been busy this week, brought the 10ft that was for sale on the forum and have been busy playing around with the background. It had been fitted by the previous owner and also hides all the plumbing for the tank, so thought that as it was empty and I have a bit of time, I would play around with it and add a few personal touches. You can see the intakes in the background and I still have a bit to do with the returns. It was multi coloured before and I wanted to make it a bit darker so the colours of the fish are more noticeable, so went for a dark brown and flattened out a few of the rough areas as the Americans that will be in there can crash about and didn't want them to injure themselves on the background. It is made from that expanding foam in a can and quick drying cement, just added the colour to the cement. Going to coat it in a clear epoxy resin to seal it and make is easy to clean. Brought one of better epoxies and came in crystal clear with non yellowing harder. Will update once I get the background complete.
  3. Hello guys and gals, got a question for ya. As I was leaving for work this morning I did my usual round of my fish tanks, saying morning/goodbye etc like every sad w@#$%r does. However, this morning I noticed that none of my sponges/air stones were working. Looks like my diaphragm has finally packed in as I can hear the air pump humming but the air output was low. I didn’t have time to change it and am not likely able to do anything about it until tomorrow. All the tanks are plumbed to a 6x2 sump that contains copious amounts of media, including Marine Pure, Matrix and K1. I have a lot of surface agitation in the tanks and have turned on all the wavemakers to provide extra circulation. All the water parameters are good (Am 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 PH 8.2) and the temp is 24. So my question is simply, should I be concerned I have no air going through the tanks or am I good seeing as I have a well-stocked sump and surface agitation for oxygen exchange? Thanks in advance…
  4. The first one I put in two months after Oswald that knocked my tanks around big time has grown maybe 5 or 6 mill since then and looking good and is progressing to adult nicely at a very tiny size, now the one in the top tank I put in a while back, not sure exactly when, but so far it hasn’t grown at all, that I can tell, but it’s pattern is progressing nicely and feeds well. The reduction of size via temp, foods and tank size, was inspired by a guy in Melbourne but mainly by a wholesaler we use to deal with in the 80s, back well before quarantine! I had some stuff and he had a new shipment the first time i saw this and in it was a full adult imperator at less then 4 inches in size. I was amazed and that was not the only species that was tiny that he had gotten in over the years I would frequent there and all were full adult colours??!
  5. Just a reminder to everyone that we have a working bee set down for the 2nd May to finish getting ready for the show. As you can see from the below list, there is a heap of things to get finished so we will be there most of the day. We will need as many helpers as possible even if it only for few hours, so if you are able to get there please do so. Some of the things that need to get done are; 1/ Finish fixing the fencing around the ATM machine. Install Good neighbour fence and cut and weld wire gates. 2/ Painting the old Beer & Wine section and installing Betta stand in the cupboards. Inside cupboards flat black the same as the betta stands and outside the same blue as the show stands. Also paint around ATM to match. 3/ Finish building the BEtta Stands for the smaller mobile stand. 4/ Build sides and backs onto the mobile Betta stands and put doors on bottom at the back of one. 5/ Also cut and fit clear acrylic front panels to these stands. 6/ Work out the layout for the barrier fence and cut and modify as needed. 7/ Build new stands for empty tanks behind show stands at southern end. 8/ Rebuild drainage pipes for draining tanks under these new stands. 9/ Cut new fronts for show stands - need some new 2 and 3 foot fronts. 10/ Paint new fronts and touch up rest of stands. 11/ Seal end of building new 3 phase entry. On top of all of this Cary is totally redoing all the electrical for the show stands. Graeme
  6. .Just about to put my Christmas order in with the wife and a 120cm WorX LED is high on the list. In the original announcement post [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] had mentioned they were setting up a planted tank with it - just wondering how it's coming along and what your thoughts are a couple of months down the line regarding its use in low-medium light planted tanks? And from anyone else using them I'd be happy to hear about it...
  7. So I have been working up north for 2 and abit weeks hopefully get home to a a house full of healthy fish/tanks had my lovely wife looking after them as best she could.....fist time I have left them for that long I'm abit worried..slightly sad miss the missus and kids to don't get me wrong but Can't wait to see all my fish!!!!
  8. Hey guys and girls, I'm having an issue where I recently acquired planaria and I purchased some No Planaria from Age of Aquariums and I'm half way into my last dose and I'm still seeing tiny white wrigglers/sliders/mongrels! Haha Should I restart the dosages and if so should I wait a certain amount of time or do a water change or both before doing so? Cheers
  9. 15 years of experiments with not just algae and I am done, back to the old trendy ways along with what I have created. This little 200 litre $22 cheapy that goes either on the side or in the water is the first skimmer for me in nearly 30 years and this time I will not make another one like in the past. I like it. Not just because it cheap but because it has identical functions to the last one i made. The venturi set up is near the same as what I made out of a pen and conduit and the tubulating of bubbles, I like it! The skim had strong colour in les then 30 minutes ,that’s not bad! It goes at the end of my system to get the most benefits to be just on for a couple of days per week like I use to do, along with the reactor that I did bother to make. It has bio cubes that I got for $52 then the next lot was half that price, that should be enough for a couple of years. It goes at the base of the reactor for the highly oxygenated waters from the cascaded area, then phos killer, then carbon, that should hold all my waters once i connect up the tubs as well.
  10. Hi Guys My Eheim 2217 suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago, I checked the impeller shaft and it seems to be fine and there is no air locked in the filter. I never really tried to fix it as I had other filters to go when this broke. Now I am in dire situation to get this up and running again. Any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong? I bought this filter 3 years ago (used) and it was used for approx 12 months when I bought it I guess(that's what the seller told me). Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks Subbu
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  12. Hi, I am having an issue with my canister filter for my 6ft tank. the spray bar does not seam to be getting enough pressure through from the filter and occasionaly gets an air bubble come through the hose. I have cleaned and put the filer back together correctly but it hasnt helped. Does anyone have an idea what could be causeing this problem and how to fix it. Thanks Kyle and Bri
  13. need some advise please my fx5 filter was working fine took it outside to clean it now no sign of life in it anyone else had this issue ,any help would be good thanks in advance
  14. , this tank is what I use to breed worms hence the messy tank... But I have finally started to get true blue shrimp, have about 40 of them so far
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  16. Is it just me? from the link in the sponsor bar at the top?
  17. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice on course of action to get hopefully not kill my fish in while fixing my Fx5 filter. Tank set up: 650 liter tank (4*2*3ft) Inhabitants: 2 blue rams, 19 cardinal tetras, 2 LF bristlenose and 5 corys Planted with anubias, java fern, vale, Ph stable 7.8 Previous readings (on Monday 12/3) 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate Current readings this morning .25ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate tank temp 28.5 - 29 Running Filtration Fluval fx5 and Aqua One CF1200. Currently no carbon/purigen in tank. Running 2 air-stones I have been watching my Fluval fx5 filter thinking it was not working…. But just kept assuming that it was having its ‘break’ when I looked at it… So last night I took another look and its definitely not working – there is no way its having a break every time I look at it (at different times of the day, and plus does not start the priming process if I turn it off at the wall and back on like it should). I do have an Aqua One CF1200 canister filter running on the same tank to provide some back up incase this exact situation happened, but there will be a large drop in good bacteria levels. So….. I dropped the water level down to about 400 litres as the CF1200 does not filter such a large volume of water, until we can figure out what has happened on our bigger filter and get it going. Tested for Ammonia this morning and .25 ppm came up, so added some Sera brand good bacteria stuff to try to prevent any major spike in ammonia while the Fx5 is out of action (only had one full small bottle which I emptied in one go, at around 250 litres. Have I done the right thing? What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish? Would the bacteria in the Fx5 be dead by now? Should I clean it with tank water or tap water this afternoon? It has been 3 days since the filter stopped working I think. Going to take a look at the impella this arvie, but not sure where I can get one of these at a moments notice if need be, from around Brisbane somewhere (I am from Ipswich but happy to travel if anyone has any suggestions)…. Has anyone had problems with the chip in their Fx5? Where do you get the chip from if it needs to be replaced? I purchased my Fx5 second hand so no warranty on this one. What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish?
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  19. After stuffing around with a transformer it seems to be working...
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  21. ok im going to T up a canister, but haven't had this filter long and lost the reciept, i have heard that they usually will still exchange them and will give it a go. The shaft on the impeller has snaped and works ocasionally somtimes i just need to give the impeller a push sart with a skewer, but it's a pain. The break is in the housing that turns the impeller the electro magnetic thingy so i don't see how it could of broke, is there any sutible adhedsive that i could use to glue it back together? in case i don't get an exchange.
  22. intake pipe IS fully submerged output is hanging out the top like its meant too but blowing barely amy bubbles if any!
  23. Hello all just wanting to know how to work out the return rate of flow for the return drain holes in your tank to the sump. Just wanting to know what size pump to put in the sump. Cheers
  24. Can anybody help I bought a Resun TS600 500w heater (the ones with a titanium core and seperate controller)a few weeks ago. Anyway the sensor is working as in when I turn up the dial and pass the temperature that the tank is sitting at the power light clicks on to start heating. But it is not heating at all. I was hoping that someone else owned one and new any little tricks. I filled the water up a bit too high the other day and core was totally submerged, but I had a look this afternoon and it seems to be a completely sealed unit. It is under warranty but problem is I have to send it away and will have to buy a new heater in the mean time so my fish don't die. Any help appreciated, Cheers Mark.
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