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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, Just thought I'd put up a photolog of the cube I've been slaving over for the last few days, picked the mostly complete setup from DannyH on Sunday and had it running last night after a few minor hickups. Won't go into detailed stocking plans, but I bought it with the intention of Apistos. Will probably end up being a pair/trio of a species that takes my fancy (at this stage, a Nijsseni complex/baenschi variant) but it all depends on Jodi's shipment :soppy: Also looking at possibly 8 or so Nannostomus marginatus. - Pair/Trio Apistogramma sp. - 8x Nannostomus marginatus "Dwarf Pencilfish" - 5x Otocinclus sp. Tank specs: 50cm (20") Cube, 10mm glass, Rimless/Braceless Grey ADA Style Cabinet Eheim 2215 w/ Glass Lily Pipes 70W 10000K Fixed Halide Anyway, photos in chronological order to the best of my knowledge: Day 1: January 17, 2010. Bare tank with driftwood and Lily pipes. Day 2: January 18, 2010. Ballast + Powerboard mounting. Rear of the tank painted black. Light mounted. Also took the light apart, which was a standard white colour, and fixed it up with some black and silver paint as well as rewiring it and fitting some coverage to still provide good cooling, but make it more presentable. Day 3: January 19, 2010. Sand in, and my awesome Aqua One 3in1 Tool with the rake/shovel attachment. Fantastic for sand! The Lily pipes I got off Danny had the intake cut to remove the standard strainer to allow for more flow. I actually cracked it while doing this, but fixed it up with a diamond blade to be square and fitting it properly. Instead of attaching a sponge or something similiar, I prepped and painted an Eheim 17mm Strainer with Black Krylon Fusion to hide it at the back of the tank. Moved some Coarse Sprite from the Tapajos tank over. To mix up the play sand a little I've got small sections of coarser gravel, which is a little more red in colouration than I would have liked, but has actually become a little more pale today, especially with the Tannins. Indian Almond leaves and wood arranged as well. Picked up a single Amazon Sword to begin with as well. Eheim 2215 hooked up with the lily pipes and running too. Otocinclus sp. from the Tapajos tank to keep the filter going a bit, have Zuccini in the tank to provide them with food (since there's no algae) and to keep the bioload reasonable. Day 4: January 20, 2010 Things have cleared up and the tannins are beginning to creep in. Things to do: - Fish. - Another piece of driftwood that spans to and possibly out of the water level to provide some shade and upper region cover. - More plants, unsure what type. Will probably post more updates as I'll hopefully be picking up some N. marginatus and driftwood/plants tomorrow.
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