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Found 38 results

  1. I’m cleaning up and realised I have an old wormfarm that I have dumped and forgotten for years. Since I’ve started growing soldier flys now (I used to have mealworms but got too tired maintaining them), might as well use the worm farm. Any suggestion on BIG WORMS that I can grow? Plan to use the harvest from these units as food for my fish. If you have some worms to sell from your wormfarm, pls let me know.
  2. One of my two flat worms made an appearance the other day, useless pets! You see them once in a blue moon! I can see where they hide at the back, but to see them out and about, is rare!
  3. Hey guys im so happy i had to share, i killed all the worms inside my tank, they are dead and now i can admire my awesome african cichlids
  4. Ive got a case of camallanus worms and well its killed a lot of my fish without Me knowing the problem including 4 marble long fin Bristlenose, decided to give the last one that died a squeeze and a few camallanus worms come out, i would have a clue at what to buy and where could any1 help me? I looked through some old threads but id like to know what i could buy and where in 2014 haha not 2011. Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance
  5. These Portraits of Marine Worms Reveal Creatures from My Dreams and Nightmares some good ones there
  6. Hi Guys, I watched this worm kill a shrimp it was very small initially and it would fight with the shrimp for food. I found it interesting so I left it. But over the last 2-3 months it has grown significantly and today I found it fighting with a big cherry shrimp. 30 minutes later the cherry shrimp was dead........ couldn't believe it. Here is a photo anyone know what it is? Cheers
  7. Hi. I'm enquiring is it ok to use the juice from the worm farm compost as liquid fertiliser for plants in the aquarium. If so how much should in the following tanks. They hold approx 222 litres 76 litres 92 litres
  8. Just wanting to know if anyone has succesfully used Avitrol Plus tablets to worm their fish? yes I know about Big L etc, but wanting to know who has succesfully used this - You had a fish with worms, and fish recovered worms were expelled. active ingredients - Levamisole hydrochloride 20mg, Praziquantel 4mg Aquarium dosage 1 table for 10L or 2mg per Litre.
  9. Hey Just wondeing what is worm is, its about 3cm long, moves very very slowly and was scaped of a ulcur like lesion from one of my little galaxias. What do i medicate the remaining fish with? (They all looks healthy) Thanks fletch
  10. This form of sabellidae can attain an emmense colony easily. They are only extremely common at two sites in SEQ and a few at other sites, though not so many and one site has 7 patches of them and where the local leopard shark for that site has its rest time, it’s a massive area of them. Maybe they are nice to lay on,lol. Quite often over many years from the early 80s on club or individual collecting/field trips, I see literaly millions of them. Under standard led lights they take on a beautiful blue ting.
  11. well the story is i when to atlas aquarium and i was told take these six pill to worm my discus and to feed them to my discus so i ask how i do this the guy told me to leave the pills in the bag fill it up to certain point with vodka and it will seperate the stuff that i wanted out and then to pour it over some bio discus food is this right i think it gonna kill my fish any one help me plz are they joking with me
  12. Hi. I was wondering if anyone worms there cichlids periodically, or weather worming is something only needed when you have a sick fish???
  13. Hi One of my Flowerhorns has a pimple-like sore on his cheek and near his tail. I was told it could be a external worm. I was also told to use a copper based medicine. I did a quick google but I couldn't find anything. Can someone please help me. Than2
  14. Anyone near Ipswich got some Micro worm culture for sale. Looking for two starter cultures. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  15. Secret giant worm behind mystery of vanishing aquarium fish
  16. I found this ages ago and put it in the aquarium and thought it would be a xmas tree worm on a live coralline roller? This mongrel throws a net over the sps and kills some of the polyps and then sends out a single line to pull back dead tissue. It's very complicated as to how I found it in action, anyway its not happy now that I found it doing this twice by accident,that was after two sections of my sps went down to it, not that I realised it till it was to late for them.
  17. Okay, So I've been researching the diana Walstad method, turns out I was already kind of doing it....Sort of. Anywhom, I stumbled across something about someone using blackworms in their aquarium which were helping them, in their walstad method, to avoid doing anything with their sand substrate. The basic idea was that the worms live in the sand substrate (which was the substrate this person, and myself, are using) The idea of using blackworm is for a double benefit, one being that they would mean I could spend less time on maintenance another being, a self sustaining food source for the angelfish. If it is possible, and not a bad idea, how would one go about taking action in beginning the process of creating a colony of them. (I have fed my angels live blackworm before, they LOVE LOVE LOVE it) Appreciate any insight, opinions and methods if such a thing exists -Kyrin
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Does any1 no wat they would be they r floating on the edges near the glass. Just set up new sump last night can send a pic if any1 can help of wanna see a pic txt me on 0427661486 or pm me thanks
  20. This morning I noticed this critter on the side of my tank. It was about 3 inches long. Over the other side a the tank there were about 7 or 8 of them and they were burying themselves into the substrate. When touch they curl up very quickly into little balls. Any ideas as to what the are?
  21. Hi guys I was doing a water change and gravel clean on my 120 litre New Guinea Rainbow tank . Plunging the gravel cleaner into the substrate a few times and about a half a dozen worms like this came up. They look like the sand worms you catch at the beach for bait, with bristles on the flanks. Handling the worm roughly causes them to break into independent living segments. I am sure I am kill em with snail rid or some sort of worm treatment, I am just curious to know what the hell they are and are they harmful ie like an anchor worm or such. Thanks, Phil
  22. OK i've been reading alot of posts lately and all of you seem to be saying that blood worm is really bad to feed to your fish. Why is that? and would it be considered bad for my american cichlids?
  23. Problem:- Mysterious worm found on lid of tank. there is condensation / spray and a bit of protien scum that I clean off weekly and found this guy this week. Ph:- 8+ Ammonia:-nil Nitrate:- nil Nitrite:-nil Gh:-n/a Kh:-n/a Size of tank:-500ltr 6ft Temperature °C:-28 Been running for:-5 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 2800 l p/h with 11w UV canister 20ltr media Fish in tank:- 7x cyp. 20x blues 8x yellows 18x cuckoos 1x braziliensis 5x red capuz 1x johani 1x crimson tide 5x mbana 2x ellioti 2x cribensis and 5x princess all around 5cm or smaller Plants in Tank:- hard green algae or rocks Feeding:- What food and How often:- Aqua Munch once a day, handfull gone in 60 sec Recent Medication Treatments:- just salt no pepper Last water change:-4 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly:- weekly, 200ltr (Tristart) treated tap water I've never seen a worm like this before and was wondering if it's safe or harmfull. I found 3 on the lid of my tank squirming around in the over spray / protien scum form the bubbles and spray bar. any feed back appreciated
  24. Have had an out break of these flat white worm things crawling in my cherry tank does any one know what they are
  25. Ok so I'm a newbie to the world of keeping a shrimp tank (20L) have about 15 cherries with java moss, driftwood and anubias plus just added some elodea. Have now realised i've been overfeeding was reading today to not even feed as they will survive off algae and plant matter.... Anyways I have these long thin clear worms about .5-1cm long on the glass plus some planaria plus hydra growing, yuck on all levels! So I have done a huge 50% water change mega gravel clean and scraped off as many worms as I can, I've also added a teaspoon of salt, I have worming tablets for my bn with 100mg of praziquantel but it doesn't say anything about safe or not safe for invertebrates? What can I do/get to fix these problems but keep my shrimp alive?
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