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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
  2. Needing to worm my display tank but it has large black knife in it . What's the best product to worm tank with out killing it as I've read they are very sensitive to meds but can't find any info on worming tanks with them in the tank .the tank also has angels ,bnose ,royal whips , corys and tetras in it also .thanks in advance for any info on the matter
  3. I got given a heap of large goldfish out of a mates pond. I've noticed there poo is white/clear and stringy. What's the best thing to use to worm them. I've got metro would this do the job?
  4. how do u worm your discus and with what thanks as I have 1 out of 6 that is getting skinny
  5. Hi. I was wondering if anyone worms there cichlids periodically, or weather worming is something only needed when you have a sick fish???
  6. Can anyone recommend a product to worm discus in a planted community tank. I am looking for something that will do the job and not harm plants, tank mates or the filter bacteria. thanks for your advice. Steve
  7. I have a 550 litre planted community tank with 10 medium size discus. I have recently increased the amount of food that I have been giving them and they have responded in kind. (They have had increased feeds of dozen bloodworm and freeze-dried blackworms.) They seem quite healthy and are very hungry. However, I have really never seen them pass any excretement. On this basis, I am presuming that I need to worm them. While I have had most of these fish for almost 2 years, I have not wormed them for quite some time. I have the product AQUAWORM (from Science Products, prazi being the active constituent) which I would like to use. However it cautions on the use of this medication on tetra species. Unfortunately, I have 12 harlequin tetras in the community tank. It is not really practical removing either species for the purpose of worming. 1. Would you agree that worming is a good thing to do, particularly if the discus don't seem to be passing solids? 2. Has anyone had any experience using this worming product in a tank with tetras? Thanks for your advice. Steve Williams
  8. I am a product that you use to worn your fish as you do with dogs cats ect. My fish DON'T have worms but im just making sure They never get them. I have previously used aqua one worming tablets and I guess they worked but wondering whats a different product to use and where to buy it, I have frontosa and L numbers. Also a few loaches. Heard some stuff you can't use with loaches. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Hi. I,d like to worm my discus. In the tank also is some mature BNs and some L397s about 4 cm. The product is Aquamaster fluke and tapeworm/ praziquantel 100mg tabs. Just wondering if anyone has ever used this product in a tank with catfish and if they were ok. All it says on the bottle is use with caution with catfish. Just wanna know if the catties will be ok? Cheers, Kevin
  10. Hi All - Can anyone give me some information on the best way to worm or de-parasite a tank.Have a 4' tank with a lge oscar,have been buying some live feeders to feed him (cause he gets lazy just eating pellets),have noticed him being very lethargic lately & actually lost one fish & now there appears to be some small white worm type of things climbing around the inside of the glass.have treated the tank with some Complete water treatment & some methylene blue but neither of these products say they kill unwanted guests. Any help would be much appreciated
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