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Found 61 results

  1. Hey guys Just wanting your opinion on the crack that I have on my fish tank It's a 20L tank roughly 450 x 220 x 250 dimensions The crack itself is located on the bottom of the width side of the tank Do you think it should be safe to set up without any issues or should I patch it up or waste of my time?
  2. I got a free 2ft tank with a filter I bought and I would like to try a green water culture and then get some daphnia. Online there are so many instructions and each one seems different I was hoping to get some clarity here. Or would it be better to just buy a culture? Here are my questions: 1. To start the culture I read to blend some lettuce and leave it outside for 24hrs then put that into the water. Is this correct? 2. Do you need an air stone with green water? 3. Someone said to put some endlers in there? What is this for? 4. Outside in partial sun ok? 5. Will it need a heater? Any tips would be great if I can't get it to work I might turn it into a brine shrimp hatchery instead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. Firstly, not sure if this is the right section to post this in as I am new to the forum. Sorry in advance if it is moderators... I have a ~3 year old, really healthy Red Tiger Oscar that's ~230mm long. He is really healthy, happy, has heaps of character, great colour patterns, no worms or diseases etc. He currently lives by himself in a 4ft 189 litre tank with a 20mm rocky pebble base that he likes to rearrange a fair bit. I'm wanting to sell him to a loving home if possible. I will not be letting him go into the wild either way! Even though some idiots have already done this in Townsvilles Ross river from what I have heard... So what are they roughly worth at this age, health and length/size? Thanks for the help, info and advice in advance! Kind regards Steve
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. The little blue ring from today’s low tide walk, is only just bigger then an American dime, which is slightly smaller then a 5 cent coin! There were the regular commercial guys there as well getting peppermint shrimp for the market that you guys buy, but I was looking for was a little ocy and Simon was after algae, not interested in what they were chasing, which are small and large anem, coral and any small animal eating nuisances, you know, peppermint shrimp! As I was saying to the guys that I showed many of the collecting sites to ages back, the guy with the license in his name and myself were joking with each other that one day reefers will wake up to peppermint shrimp being far worse then Aiptasia that we get them to eat! Hopefully reefers wont wake up to them too soon for those guys sake, when you get 200 to 600 hundred at a time, there is money to made off peps, lol.
  6. Take 20% off Everything online and in store + Bonus Gift worth $19.95 with every purchase ( offer ends Midnight Friday 17/7/2015 ) Please mention QLDAF20% in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592 or when shopping in store. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. ( Discounts do not combine and are not valid with any other offer ). Discount does not apply to Ecotech Marine or Neptune Apex products !!. Help us make room as their is a Big move Happening at AOA very soon - stay tuned !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - aquarium products Ben
  7. What do Forum members think of the cost and the value of using live bacteria additives like Seachem Stability, API Quickstart, Thrive Aquatics Bacteria Start ?? I have had to recycle a tank or two due to filter accidents; or putting in a new filter to run before removing an older filter for a good clean out and new media refill; anyway I often spend my money on these bacteria additives to "speed up" the recycling process especially if I have fish in the tank - but I don't know if really it makes much difference - still seems to take 3 weeks or so for ammonia readings to come down to zero. Are they worth the money? Do they make a difference to the recycling time period of 3 - 4 weeks?
  8. .After a long wait NLS have released the Algae range which boasts 9 different types of Algae in their Algae Max. Available in 1mm and 2mm in 125g, 250g, and a 2kg bucket. They have also released 12mm and 7.5mm Algae Wafers. Also the Algae Gel in 100g Last but not least NutriCel which is ideal for inverts and Corals and a new encapsulation process. We have the whole range currently in stock and ready to go! Yes you do get your member discount off the prices as well. Here is a link to pricing and availability New Life Spectrum <<<------Click here for pricing and availability Here is a lot more details for you and a couple of youtubes as well to enjoy and worth the watch... AlgaeMax NutriCel
  9. OK I have this Large Albino Male BN that I was given, by the name of Earl. I have kept him with my Normal BN's, for a couple of months now , however I am not into "Sport" fish and only try to keep the natural varieties. Anway someone not of this forum is interetsed in him as a breeder. He is about 10-11cm long . Any idea of what they are worth ? Thanks, Phil
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Just wondering how much do l333 adults go for. Their in a colony of 5, 3f 2m. ? Thanks
  12. This lemon peel that I collected around two years back has always been a little pushy, but wouldn’t harm a fly, it has no interest in corals at all, so over all, its been a good reef pet. That made me work quite hard to make sure it survived this massive damage that the poor little beggar has been through. This is a pic of it at its worst bleeding profusely, its now doing great in its own tub with a chelmon it likes to make believe its in charge of,lol, it cant even swim properly, but hey, it has forged its place in my hobby. I don't usually get attached to any reef life these days, but this little toughie is a little different.
  13. Hi going to north side of brissy today just wanting to know of any really good aquariums shops for exotics and cichlids and the best all round aquarium shops there. Thanks
  14. Hi I have a 4x2x2 outside where I keep glass shrimp, feeder guppies and 2 blue crays. After my male Cray shed to be bigger than the female, a few days later I noticed them closer than usual and now she's become berried. Just wondering if it's worth me separating the bubs once they hatch or just leaving them in there? Pretty sure they'll be eaten otherwise. Do people buy these as pets if the parents look nice or is it best to get store credit and feed to my festae? Before he got bigger Anyone with experience on these little guys give me feedback please? Great little pets but bit tempted to get a mangrove jack for the tank and don't know how they'd go in a smaller tank. Cheers
  15. I've been growing this flowerhorn out for a couple of years; he's in a tank with 5 big loaches - getting along ok. I've thought about selling him a few times to make room for other projects - but I don't think the demand for flowerhorns is out there like it once was (have had him up for sale a couple of times, but haven't tried to seriously move him on yet). What does everyone think this fella is worth in the current flowerhorn world?? What would be 'reasonable' to put him up for sale for? I know it's how much the right buyer would be prepared to pay, but??
  16. I currently have my 3 plecos up for sale, a 33cm Albino Gibb, 32cm Goldspot and 20cm common Sailfin. I've been offered $35 each for them by people and one of my lfs but to me if I sold them for that I'd basically be giving them away. So is this a reasonable offer or would I be getting ripped off? I was looking for 70 each for the big 2 and 50 for the Common. Am I pushing my luck? Let me know please because I need the space. Cheers
  17. Hi Recently got 2 female festae with a tank i bought. Had them for around 3 weeks and they've settled in well into a 4x2x2 i had spare. Only ever had forest jewels and ghost knife from American Cichlids so these are a bit new to me and the big girl is the major ruler of the tank but her colour changes are amazing. So considering I cant put much else in with her i was thinking of selling them (not right now as my girlfriend loves them but down the track) which brings me to my question of how much are these fish at this size actually worth? around 22cm around 32cm They are very healthy and fed extremely well, shame to get rid of such a beautiful fish but with their temper, me not wanting to attempt to breed them and my amount of existing tanks, selling them off may be my only option in good time. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. cheers
  18. One of the best heaters at one of the best prices. Too good to run for a day or week - available for the whole month of July.... And you still get your QLDAF discount off the special price which means you pay only...$359.10 http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp Deal of the Day Click Here
  19. I have a leather bound signed copy of axlerods lexicon of cichlids, the dust cover is a little rough but the book it's self is perfect! I just want a rough estimate, I was going to sell it until I realized it was a signed copy! Any help is welcome
  20. Picked up some kids plastic clam shells today for $12 each with the idea to maybe use them as a pond. They are about 900mm dia and I can get about 150mm of water in there leaving about 50mm to the top. So the volume is approx 130L. Its on the western side of the house under a covered area, so will only get the very late afternoon sun. It looks crap, not as big as Id like and not sure how the plastic will fair. So im left wondering a few things... Are my goldies better off in the slightly bigger volume tank in the garage with artificial light where they are now? I often struggle in summer keeping my tanks under 28/30 deg in the garage. This is pretty hot for goldies, would this outdoor pond maintain a lower temp maybe because of the greater surface area and get a chance to cool overnight? any other concerns or comments are surley welcome....
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hey guys I've Got two female orange spots that are about 8cm. Just wondering what they are worth. Cheers, Sam
  23. just looking at a rough price as i got a guy selling a few and he has given me first dibs due to a job i did for him they are about 780mm -850 long thanks guy for all your help matt
  24. Heading to the godly this weekend and want to know what fish shops are worth a visit. Cheers
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