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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, Long story short, i found out i had two female convicts and went hunting for a male, i could only find one locally to me as all others were to small to sex. Anyway, he was being housed with a Jag and a couple of other large fish that even when i was at the store charged him a couple of times. So i didn't notice at the time of sale but he has a couple of wounds on him... i hope there wounds and not disease anyway.... This all happened yesterday ... and i took as many pics with my phone last night to ask for advice today (i have just moved and have no idea where my canon is) They are not the bets pics and i have zoomed in to try and get a clearer shot (will update on the weekend if i can find my Camera) So please any advice would be appreciated... i know i should have quarantined etc but to late to change that now I dont want to allow a wound become a disease, or if its disease to get out of hand, there seems to be one place on his right side and one on his left He is in a 110ltr tank with the two females no one else. The pics look like the water is really poor but it is only because they stirred up a lot of sand getting to know each other Cheers (Sorry for the 1,000,000 pics but wanted to give the best chance for advice)
  2. Hey all, Recently Ive noticed a few scratches on my feather fins. I read in a few places they have fairly delicate skin and it can be a burn from the heater, so I went out and bought a heater cover. Now the one that mainly hangs around the heater has seemed to get abit better but tonight I saw this on the other one. Now this wound is probably about 3cm starting at his eye and going back. It is a bit worrying to be honest as I'm not sure how it happened and what the next course of action should be. Can anyone please make some suggestions? Below is a picture of the rocks used just in case that has something to do with it. Thanks guys.
  3. I just did a water change and noticed one of my peppermint bristlenose with pretty much no tail. When I had a closer look I saw a huge wound on her back. I've caught her and got her in a small 3 litre container (that's pretty much all I have free at the moment) Here she is: What should I do? Keep her in the container? Meds? Normally I would try salt but I know that's no good for her... Also does it look like a wound from a fight? Or a disease? In the tank are other pepp bns, orange head geos, sterbai corys, 1 small L066 pleco and 1 large L397 (and tetras). I'm slightly suspecting the L397 as it's only been in the tank a month or so and it's pretty territorial, always kicking the bns out of their logs. Any thoughts?
  4. Just noticed one of my Moba females has a small wound on her head, I am thinking just a scrape or fight wound. What do you guys think and recommend?. She is in a tank with 2 other females her size and a large male.
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