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Found 34 results

  1. Either he's sick or guarding something idk I'm confused he went from a real light colour to what he is now, he no longer runs away from the rams who hate gudgeons I'm confused, he is also really aggressive. sorry for the bad photo once again
  2. Was just reading my new book BACK TO NATURES GUIDE TO CICHLIDS 2ND EDITION which I kindly got from [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] thanks John and [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] any way is says in there that you shouldn't use WHITE substrate in your Cichlids tank Coral sand , White sand etc so does that mean all of us that have got white substrates should be changing or is it a personal preference
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. is this something i should be worried about. its been like that awhile, at least a couple of months when i first saw it i though it had been fighting with the biggest l397, which is 1cm-2cm bigger.
  5. I need help identifying what is wrong with my cichlids, they have developed red sores and are dying lost 4 so far with a few i can see following. i have done a 50% water change, and a 20% water change a day later all seemed to be going fine today so i didn't buy anything then 5pm shops closed then they all start dying again. i have talken photo's of one of the living fish and one of the dead fish. test reads ammonia, nitrate, ph, nitrite? Can someone tell me what i need to do to save the fish? Thanks
  6. Hey all just wana say hello as I've just started with fish again after being out for awhile. I have a little story for every1 to have a little read. So last year I thought I'd get back into pleco again so spent a weekend cleaning up tanks and sorting some things out. The next weekend I went out on a hunt 4some wood in a place that had some nice bits in the past. Was about 10am on a sat morning my flat mate and I took off on the hunt. After about an hour of looking I came across 'the one' that bit of wood that just looks perfect!! The whole drive home I'm looking at this big bit of drift wood thinking far out this the best one iv seen! So we get home and I'm right into cleaning this thing! Now this is the part everything goes very wrong... I had an old 3ft tank outside that was good 4nothing that I started to clean this wood in. Now at this point I'm getting very excited as the mud and dirt is being washed off and this bit of wood starts to come to life and looks amazing! I had the hose running on slow as I scrub the wood.. With my left hand I washed the mud off and then did something very very silly!! I went to fish around in the dirty water 4the brush with my right hand and without thinking BANG!!!!.. This pain just rushed over me and I froze dead still 4 Agnew seconds thinking what has just happened.. With my left hand iv just lent down on the brace across the tank! It snapped about an inch or so in from one side. Now the other part has swung down into the tank and iv cut myself with the small part still on the tank. Blood going everywhere I finally start to move and look at my arm.. It's cut clean across the wrist. Now my mind starts going crazy!! People die from a cut to the wrist and mine goes across and up both sides kinda like filleting a fish!! The worst is yet to come.. Right away it hits me.. 3fingers don't seem to work! Now I start to yell out. My flat mate comes flying out to c what had happened. I grab an old towel from the fish room and start running around the back yard. Being that we r both from nz we couldn't remember the number 4 an ambo!! And with the amount of blood now all over me I didn't think I had long to go.. So into the work ute we go and start our drive up2 a and e. I had my arm out the window so I didn't get stuff all throughout the ute. But not thinking the ute is white and now there is this big line of blood down the door!! So after a 15min drive we made it and after a week of ops the connect everything back up I got out. So it's bin about a year now and hands not 100% but in still alive lol. So a message to everyone.. I no we all get excited over fish and sometimes do things without thinking but please be very very carful with a glass tank! And remember that little brace across the tank could change everything!!! Sorry about the long story lol but I'm back and ready to start collecting Ls again. So a big hello to every1 and look 4wd to dealing with all of u in the future
  7. Taking the term LIVE FEEDERS to a whole new level (watch the Oscar's mouth) He normally smashes just one goldfish at a time but yesterday he caught this goldfish with ANOTHER goldfish instead of my Jag getting it. The Goldie breathing hard in his mouth is for later. :-) 95% raised on hikari foodsticks and bloodworm but my Jags and oscars are always hungry for live food (twice a week)
  8. Hi, could someone please take a look at these pictures & tell me if this is bloat, full of eggs or what. I found one of my very mature males dead tosay floating at the top of the tank & his tummy was quite distended.Is there an illness going through my tank?
  9. As some of you know I breed Ellioti. And im finding raising them quite challenging! As soon as the wigglers loose their eggs sacks I get approx. a 50-70% die off. Bodies look fine just skinny (lack of food?) And grey. At first I thought It was lack of food but ive tried such a vast varity of foods im beginning to think that may not be it. I have two fry tanks, one is heated one is not, same death rate in both tanks. All my parametres are good. I do weekly water changes and use the adult tank water to top back up (avoid any shock from temp shock being winter) Can someone help me?? This is almost not fun anymore I have heaps of fry still growing great, but I just have trouble at that early age, kinda just before they really swim round by themselves. So currently getting only a 20% survival rate, then what I need to cull....not many left Please help
  10. Hey just seeing if someone can help? My canister has started to make my tank go cloudy, I have done 50% water change, cleaned the canister, media and hoses completely and it's still going cloudy? Is there anything I can do to fix it, or is it just f***ed?
  11. Hi I am brand new in fish keeping (if u dont count the two bettas that are living in bowls for almost a year now) and here is my story: I've got a 200L tank with aquaFX SPR 1100 internal power filter (came as a package deal). I cycled it for a week w/o fish and then added 2 rummy noses. a week later added 4 more rummy noses. they lived fine. After two weeks (Note that the tank has been cycling for about a month now) I took water sample to LPS and bought 5 guppies and 1 bristle nose. . The LPS said my water is fine but the pH is very high (off the chart) and sold me a kit. however I did some reading and decided against messing with the pH. so currently the pH is probably "off the chart" high. All those new fish died within two days and with them one of my rummy noses too. So again I waited for 2-3 weeks and got two little fancy goldfish. One of them died next day but the black moor (FISHY) lived. 2-3 weeks later I added another bigger blackmoor and it lived very happy/active for about 3 weeks but then last weekend after weekly water change, both goldfish appeared lethargic and stayed at top of tank for the whole day and next day I found the big one dead. So I added an extra cupful of Prime and the remaining blackmoore (FISHY) is slowly getting more active. Here is my weekly water change routine: weekly water change 20%-40%, filter sponge rinsed in tank water, Gravel Vaccumed, tank refilled with hose directly from rainwater tank (with trickle feed town water), 2 capful Prime added. I try to match the new water temp to tank water as best as I can w/o using thermometer. I try to do every thing by the book but dont want it way too complicated. So I dont have those fancy test kits and really cant let the water sit (in a bucket etc) before adding it to tank. It has to come directly from tap by hose and there has to be a way to keep fish alive. What is it that I dont get??? Please someone help me figure this out before I kill anymore fish. Thanks
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Found out today how much some Thai Silk Flowerhorns are worth. Male $1000, female $750. I need to rethink my stand on fugly fish. Any one got a spare 6 foot system for sale?
  15. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ph7.5 temp 29C Got this flowerhorn a few weeks ago. In a tank on its own. Was eating hikari gold and food sticks first week, but wouldnt eat any other food. I thought "picky eater". Then last week it has started to excrete white poo, a little stringy, but lumps through it aswell. a little transparent. On the weekend he went of hikari gold pellets. Would only take food sticks. Worms right? picky eating/white poo. So I have treated with Avitrol Plus tablets - Levamisole hydrochloride 20 mg, praziquantel 4 mg @ a dosage rate of 1 tablet per 10L so you end up with 2mg per Litre. Did this over 24hrs, but didnt find any expelled worms. ? Water changed 30% last night. Still pooing white. Threw a little food in not interested. Behaviour wise fish is looking ok. Just wanting to make sure I take the right course of action from here. At this stage I am going to wait until the weekend, if he doesnt start on the food by then will dose again for worms. Does all this sound right to you? The fact that it didnt expel any worms makes me think something else could be at play here. Internal bacterial infection? But I really dont know. I know there are a million threads on here like this, but what has me stumped is no worms were expelled. Thanks.
  16. cuban cichlid(not a jag) | Other Pets | Gumtree Australia Pine Rivers Area - Eatons Hill look at this guys, absolutely disgusting. selling a cuban at 50$ and it looks like it has had a bad encounter with a bloody truck for crying out loud. people like this really do need to take a step back and look at what they are doing. sorry to have a rant but thinks like this enrage me, yeah i can understand the bloke is trying to clear room but at least have a notice in the add to say the fish is deformed. scott
  17. Alright guys, so, desperately trying to make room, I have shifted ALL my big males into the same 6ft tank, this is just temporary but I don't know how well it will go. What I have in there ATM; 2 x Jags, 1 female I think, not too big and 1 very big one, maybe male, maybe female. 1 x Red devil, female, not too big 1 x Dovii, female, not too big a couple of geos 3 x fh, 2 small and one BIG, all male. 3 x BPs, 2 females, 1 male 2 x Texas (SGT and Red), both males. 1 x Trimac, big, male Now, so far the only fights or quarrels are the red tex with the big male BP, they seem to be lip locking a lot and the biggest flowerhorn is chasing the SGT around. All the fish except both texas, the trimac and the bloodparrots have been in the tank for ages without a problem. I have filled it to the brim with places to hide, logs, tubes, pots etc so they should be alright, just wondering if having lots of males, are they similar to africans, should I put MORE in to ease the pain? The red tex and the big fh are by FAR the most aggro. Thanks, Finn
  18. Picked up 5 tetras yesterday, all seemed fine in the shop. Put them in the tank when i got home and 1 really didn't look healthy after 30 mins, found him dead this morning. Another one had developed a spot on it's tail by morning. I have a 1ft tank, filled 3/4 of water from an existing tank and 1/4 new water. 3 sponge filters (1 been in a tank for a while, 1 in a tank for a week and 1 new one), no gravel. I set the temp to 26. I did have a light on the tank and turns out it generates more heat than i thought, got the tank up to about 28 I've got a picture from this morning, trying to get an updated one but they keep hiding from me! I was going to put some treatment in but held off, the spot seems to be shrinking so i'll give it another day. I don't have a reading from this morning since i locked myself out my place and was late to work, going to get some readings later but need to duck out quickly. So is that the right setup for a quarantine tank or did i stuff it up? I was told they can be hard to move and i'm wondering if it was that. Would the white spot transfer to the other fish if it didn't shrink?
  19. Hi guys my hongi male is doing something weird he is not the only hongi male but he is the biggest and most dominant of the hongi in my tank he seems healthy he is eating well and defend his territory well but has started to sorta swim backwards in short bursts while sorta gumming his mouth looks like he is chewing on something, is really hard to explain so here is a video of him doing it its right at the end of the vid sorry for the out of focus when he does it but i think you will get the idea. http://s1113.photobucket.com/albums/k520/origin6/African%20Cichlid%20album/?action=view&current=DSC_0087-1.mp4
  20. my white knights have red fins and are really sick, they stay really close tho the top of the water as if gasping for air. ive put in some aquarium salt at the rate of 200 grams to 100 litres (i read this in a book) and also put in some antibiotics. im afraid my fish are going to die, is there anything else i can do?? they also shiver and shake, does anyone know what this disease is called?? thanks...
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. There is a wealth of knowlage out there, including mistakes we have all made - lets share some so hopfully others wont. My latests was I broke 2 tanks putting the sump pipes in or out (1 full of 2 week old fry got all out ) Ben:cool:
  23. Please help. I have no idea what is wrong with my BN (See attached piccy) He has been like this for 4 days. It started with just 1 small hole on his tummy, but now it seems to be spreading. I thought he may have just scratched himself on something, but now Im not sure. Its red and a little raw looking. He is more active today, and ate some cucumber last night, but it doesnt seem to be improving. All my water parameters are perfect. No one else in the tank is showing any signs of sickness. On day 1 I added some stress guard and thats all. Also he is the only BN in the tank - so he hasnt had a fight. Please help, all advice will be listened to
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. My brother has a cichlid tank. A while ago he lost a humphead after it got really bloated and all it's scales were sitting out from it's body. Now te same thing is happening to his afican. It's a really nice fish and I would be disappointed if it died. All I know is that they get really fat and all their scales stick out. Can anyone tell me what this is and what to do about it?
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