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  1. Hi guys any one free to help a brother set up his sump tank. Im willing to pay 200 buks to help with piping set up. So far the tank has 5 predrilled holes two are are outlets and 3 are inlets. Am i to run 3 return pumps or just meant to join one powerful pump to split betwwwn 3 pipes. Ty for any ones help or interest. I am located in inala Tommy 0402911128
  2. I am chasing green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulates), anyone know where I can get some from a LFS ? Thanks, Phil
  3. Hi guys, looking for a pair of pleco for the right price. The pleco I am looking for are L002 pleco, Peppermint Catfish, L333 pleco or anything else that doesn't get over 15cm. If anyone has any could you please give me a pm cheers
  4. Hi, I am a newby here and not sure if this is the right place to post. I desperately need a female Nijsseni for a lonely male. I would need to buy from someone that can ship as I live in Broken Hill. Keen to buy other Apistogramma as well. Cheers Killi (Dennis
  5. I am looking for royal whiptails and red lizard whiptails for a colony tank I am setting up. They will be the only catfish in the tank with some non-agressive fish.
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a pair of L46's(Zebra Catfish). If anyone has a pair or knows where I could get one, I am open to offers. PM me cheers
  7. Hi I have been looking for a nice piece of driftwood. Size I am hoping for is 30-45cm to fit in a 120litre blue planet fish tank. Even if you know a place where I can find driftwood around Brisbane I would be very interested. Cheers
  8. I'm looking for some milk crates around the Brisbane/Gold Coast/Northern NSW areas. Does anyone have any to sell or give away or know anywhere or anyone I should inquire about them to? I'm looking for them to be used to raise plants inside IBCs. Thanks in advance.
  9. Looking to buy this weekend a couple or few peacock bass around the 7-15cm mark. Decent pricing please genuine buyer. Im in ipswich but happy to travel to most brisbane suburbs. Thanks
  10. In the process of upgrading tanks chasing some chumbu around 8-10cms would be indeal. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, Just seeing what the offers are at the moment. but i am looking into buying some Panda Shrimp and Crystal Red Shrimps. Just swing me the quantities and some prices and i will PM if interested! Cheers, Kev. Price: $0-$100 Location: Forest Lake
  12. WTB Microworm and/or a Vinegar Eel Culture if anyone has any close to Brisbane City? Would love to pick up ASAP! Please text me on 0423384426 if anyone has any cultures they are willing to sell. Thanks, Anine
  13. HI Everyone Im Looking For Bristlenoses Peppermints Location Nerang Or Robina is there any breeders
  14. Looking to buy around 20 mixed oscars @ around 50 mm. would prefer from different spawned pairs. Thanks
  15. Hi there, I'm wanting to buy mollies in a bulk deal. Does anyone have any for sale?
  16. Hi I'm looking for somewhere that I can buy dwarf baby tears (HC) does anyone know a good place on the Gold Coast or does anyone have some spare that I could buy? Also looking for a cryptocoryne if I can kill two birds with one stone great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Anyone have any of these for sale; Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Nigeria Green" Pelvicachromis taeniatus (Nyete') Striped Moliwe Kribensis Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red Pelvicachromis taeniatus 'Bipindi' Pelvicachromis taeniatus 'Nigerian yellow' Pelvicachromissubocelattus 'Matadi' Will pay extra for shipping and handling and packaging look forward to some feed back
  18. looking for ps. zebra long pelvics . mainly looking for females but would like a spare male. I have 1m/2f at the moment. I live in Townsville so would need to ship them but would really like to get these guys breeding so would like fresh bloodline if possible cheers Lenny
  19. WTB - Male SVR any colour
  20. Just wondering if anyone had any pieces of EGG CRATE 370mm L x 100 mm W For Sale closer to Toowoomba the better as I would like it by the weekend but will look at what you got
  21. not sure where to post this but im after a cheap tank with stand. price im looking at is around the 150 mark. so would love to see whats on offer cheers.
  22. Hi all is am getting into guppies moving from cichlids I would like some males willing to pay up to $5 each individual am looking for 20 to start with email me at mattnhitomi@msn.com with some pics I don't want post I will pick up Brisbane area will travel for the right fish.
  23. Hi all, new to this site. Was referred to by a mate. I'm after a large male green terror and a pair of eb jack Dempsey or a couple of smaller ones to pair off eventually.
  24. .Looking for peacock bass breeders around brisbane any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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