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Found 19 results

  1. Just woke to 20-30 black Moscow fry this morning with the female still dropping fry and the 2nd female only days away from having her fry too very happy lol
  2. Got home an hour or so ago and noticed, “my first of this mushroom coral/anemone that I have ever had, or seen in our neck of the woods”, had split,:clap2:. No I have never kept one and due to warmer waters from climate change around here, they arrived late last year from what I can see on the sunshine coast, possibly with the green hammers of three I found up there. This is because the spot I found five of them has never had them and nearly knowing every rock or reef section in SEQ I have never any in SEQ before! That doesn’t mean that they were not around somewhere, but not where I have been. Five small ones were there and 3 are still there, so hope fully they will keep expanding in their colony as no one will find them at the spot I go to out of seven for crays or our endemic dotty back. I had no idea what it actually was, well I thought they were morphs until the helpful guys over on reef central helped me out with the ID of these inverts, that I have not had at all, not in my 34 years of reefing. Mine are whoppers now compared to the ones I found! Mum and the kid,lol. As usual, for lots of reef or oceanic knowledge, this is the clubs website. South East Queensland Marine Aquarium Society Oh and guys if you are collecting in any kind of saltwater these are your regulations to follow, if not associated with a commercial license, please follow them! Ocean fishing/collecting regulations on gear to collect with. Fishing gear for tidal waters
  3. Yay! I finally managed to get my registration to work!!! Got my first tank yesterday and doing a clean today. Where would you recommend I look to get a water heater/thermostat and pump? It's a 3ft tank but has odd dimensions. It's a bit higher but the back and front are a small amount closer together than what I've seen at the forbidden 'pet shops' haha. Anyway, hello all. I'm Fiona aka total newbie to the game! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. Hello everyone just an update the pair that everyone has seen has just lay 1000+ eggs I got home towards the end of there spawn but for the last 25 mins that I saw I didn't see him go over them once I'm not sure can they run out of sperm I mean it was his first time and its a massive brood there both guarding the eggs I'm gonna be patient with them and hope they become good parents
  5. YAY i am so happy. I now have my 3rd gen or grass guppys. I was a little worryed as the females i have where not as big as there mothers, But i guess they a young females so have to give them a bit more time. So i put my best 2 in one of thos cage net things. I took the male out 3 days ago as she was starting to look a little big (for her size). I did not think she was due for at least a week maybe two. As a was just having a look around in my tank. BAM i noticed 1 tiny baby. I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY I really hoping she will have a few more so my fingers are crossed.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. came home today and one of my maingano females has a mouthfull. now this is the first time i am having a go at breeding cichlids what are some tips and things that are good to know from peoples past exp's and things to help not make mistakes thanks guys
  8. my kingsizei female has a mouthfull epic day so far!!
  9. Finally breeding my red devils have worked they tryed 3 time and didnt work now I have 40 plus babies (i know that is not very many, but excited). They were born monday the 4th april and am wondering if some one could tell me a good time for them to be separated from the parents???? At the moment the dad is doing a great job looking after them (mother is not allowed near them at all) and they now are 4 days old. What is a good time to take them away and what do people recomend they eat? I have been told just fish flakes but I an not sure just hope someone can tell me that is fine. Thanks
  10. hey all, i recently bought a 4ft tank (complete setup, including fish and some extras) off my boss for a good price, anyways i havent seen the female cichlid eat for a few days so put her in a 2ft tank with sponge filter a fewdays ago. came home today too about 30 babies swimming around fully formed! now i just need to identify the parents
  11. so today i paid $90 dollars and got a large proven breeding pair of common bn and about 4 of their fry a peppermint bn a 2.5ft peice of dw and a branchy bit and a bn breeding cave good deal??
  12. saw the little guy just as I was gonna leave for work this morning. Some little albino's would be a nice suprise at the moment. Thought id better move old mate and his shell into the little hatching box so the fry dont become dinner for all!
  13. so im concearnd that my red terors arent half as good parent,s as my green terors will mum do her part ?? shees not verry protective ? if youve breed them anny personal expirence would be apreciated thanx john
  14. Hi guys and girls, The Geophagus Tapajos in my tank are still young, only had them a few months from when they were 4cms already up to 10 to 12cms by now. They decided that it was time to do the dirty. I could sense they were pairing off but was not convinced and this put the icing on the cake when I went to release 20 Lemon Tetras into the tank (still stressed and not yellow for the moment as they only came into the fish shop today). Just done a test of the water and all read perfect and also pH was on 6.0 and it is also really soft water. They are still young so not expecting much from them, chances are they will fail first few times no doubt, but the future looks good ENJOY The tank with the lemons settling in; The start of their egg laying;
  15. Hey, Has been on my mind for a while, as people say this and that. The food that im mainly reffering to is White Crane, Do you have a problem with it? Reasons:- Cons - May turn fish steril (Only Heard Rumours) - Does not promote Breeding, therefore not fed to breeding fish - Fish may have a shorter life span (Rumours) - Fish may suffer intestinal damage (Rumours) - Promotes Aggression Pros - Promotes vivid colour - Makes for great display fish Obviously there are alot of rumours goin around. ------------------------------------- So Would/Do you:- Recommend it to people? Use it yourself? Do you like Store's using it? Or would you put a cross besides the above questions? Imo it is great for display fish and nothing else. Looking forward to your comments. Seph
  16. hey guys i got my flowerhorns wednesday and they laid yesterday morning the eggs have turned transparent so far so good i got some pics for you the first one is the male just after breeding hes awsome and sits out side guarding the cave the second two is the female fanning the eggs inside hope u like the pics cheers steven
  17. hey everyone just thought id say hii im usually on monster fish forum but thought id join this one because its more local
  18. This is the first mouthful i have gotten in my tank since that stupid substrate disaster. The dad: The mum Now fingers crossed for the 5+ other species in there.
  19. I took this great picture of the Alto comp sumbu this morning, I had to wait for about five minutes for him to get over his shyness but it was worth it.
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