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  1. Hi all, i put a wtb add up for some africans to keep tanks cycled and to growout a colony or two. I had a mystery doner give me some yellows and the males have black fins, i haven't seen many with this trait lately so I am going to breed them and bring back the black. The pics were taken not long after they arrived so they are a bit stressed and they have been fed colour enhancing food which has made them a little sooty. Any input or pics of your yellows is welcome. Cheers mick
  2. howdy all, I bought 5 electric yellows , sent up from Brisbane , sent in afternoon i picked them up at 8 am 18hrs in transit, one was dead had red sores on its sides , the male has black on his face , and under his mouth , the other 3 are ok but very pale color but they all are rubbing on gravel , flashing ? or natural ocurance , i did not put any of the water from the bag into my tank, is it itch? to me from what i can research they have parasites?? ick but the red sores i can't find much about , or is that just from transit , 4 females 1 male, all in one bag
  3. howdy all, I bought 5 electric yellows , sent up from Brisbane , sent in afternoon i picked them up at 8 am 18hrs in transit, one was dead had red sores on its sides , the male has black on his face , and under his mouth , the other 3 are ok they are all pale color and all are rubbing on gravel , flashing ? or natural ocurance , i did not put any of the water from the bag into my tank, is it itch? to me from what i can research they have parasites?? ick but the red sores i can't find much about , or is that just from transit , 4 females 1 male, all in one bag , when i opened the box and seen the state of them i quickly got them out and into my tank , prob big mistake i am guessing.my other 2 yellows now flashing also or are the just mimicking the others? rabbits would of been easier and tasty tooo Ph:-7.8 Ammonia:0.25 Nitrate:-0.25 Nitrite:-0 Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:-165 lt aqua one 850 Temperature °C:- 29c Been running for:-3 weeks Filtration:- canister nautilus 1400 standard media except for marine pure insted of bio ball and noodles , feeds back through original spray bar and filter system of aqua one,noodles , sponge, carbon, wool, Fish in tank:- 2 originally now 6 Plants in Tank:-fake Feeding:- What food and How often hikari excel cichlid Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:25% water change yesterday Water change every week to start of as i am using calcium carb gravel , taken a while to clear up
  4. I have lost a few of my electric yellows with sunken belly and a couple of other larger yellows without the sunken belly. I have tried seperating the sunken belly fish and feeding them up with a tablet the LFS gave me to grind up and mix with a shot of vodka into my food to bind the two with no luck. I also notice the fish seem to be scratching themselves against the gravel. Would this be itch? I have been searching online but am still confused. I raised the temperature of my tank to 30 yesterday as I read doing this for 7 days can kill off the parasites. Any help is greatly appreciated! I dont want to loose any more fish
  5. Hi All, I have recently got myself some Yellows, Hongi, Empress's etc.. Have noticed some of the Yellows and Empress with egg (i presume) under their mouths. Whats the best plan to save these little fellas? Wait till she spits them and try to catch, or move into a holding tank until she does?
  6. My male is attacking the female is this normal in mating her fins are getting bad hes following her all around the tank they have been together for a few months now with no problems. Should i be worried. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi all Having troubles with electric yellows. Firstly I bought 4 large ones last weekend and placed them in their own tank. Over the course of a day or so, they turned black around face and were very sluggish. I tested water, which was fine, and dosed with a small bit of melafix. One died and the others improved a little. A few days ago I bought 3 more slightly smaller ones along with 2 blue dolphins and placed in same tank. These were looking very healthy and seemed to give the first batch a new lease on life. But now I have only 2 yellows left, all other fish in tank have died over last 48 hours. They go pale, struggle to swim, then die. Just did another water test and no change from a few days ago. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  8. Here are some of my newly purchased Electric Yellows from Doug. (Dfishkeeper) Thanks mate they are perfect and already have 6 mouthfuls now are 2 week of having them. They are in with my Kapampa frontosa and Leleupi and the Alpha electric yellow has already taken over the tank even over the Alpha Kap that is just over 40cms. The first pictures are the same night i got them and had them in a 4x2x2 tank so they are a bit stressed. And these are in the tank with the Kaps and Leleupi this morning
  9. Why do electric yellows especially males turn a black colour around the head as I have two males about 8 and 10 cm and the smaller one is turning black while the larger one isn't is this a genetic fault or natural and will this be bred in to his fry cheers yellows
  10. Just wondering if anyone can give advise on weather i can breed electric yellows and mainganos in the same tank the tank is 5ft x 2ft x 2ft i currently have 2 male and 6 female yellows in it and want to know if i can put 2 male and 4 female maingano in with them and they will breed and possibly add more of both later on cheers yellows
  11. hey guys i noticed some red marks on a couple of them last night just behind the gills and woke up to 10 dead this morning i tested the amonia which was between 0.5 and 1ppm just tested the general hardness which is at 120ppm carbonate hardness is at 180ppm ph is at 7.5 nitrite is at 0.5ppm nitrate is at 80ppm they only died over night and they already have white cloudy stuff growing on them the other guys look ok but just wondering what has caused this the only new thing i have added to the tank this week is some weed which i was told from the pet shop would b ok for them and the last water change was last weekend at 20%
  12. hey guys just rearranged there tank today so thought id put up a few pics still need to get some more weed but so far happy with how its coming along
  13. i have a 4 foot tank with fronnies, clown loaches, electeic yellows, red zebs and hump heads all around 2-6cm. i was interested in getting a breeding par of electeic yellows but not sure if a pair around 8 cm would kill all my fish. any help wpuld be great.. cheers nick
  14. Hi All. I'm interested in attempting breeding my electric yellows. I have a 4ft show tank with many types of African Cichlids in. I also have a 2ft tank not currently in use. Would this be big enough to move the Electric Yellows into and start from there? Any other advice gratefully received. I am a novice!
  15. Ive got a few questions for those of you who breed electric yellows at the present aand past. My female has just had 14 young. This is her first mouthful. I am feeding them on baby brine and sera flora. Obviously the sera flora is mashed up and broken down to a fine crumble. How long till the mother will be due to breed again?? Ive been finding good water changes and a feed of mysis after the clean has helped bring on the fish in the tank. At present I got 1 batch of electric yellow fry. 1 pregnant electric yellow due to be milked on the 5th. And an albino pindani due to be milked on the 14th. So my main question is how long does it take a fish to recover from having babies and then to breed again? And is good water change and clean and a feed of mysis the best way to bring them on?? Thanks kris.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been done before but I was wondering if some fellow electric yellow breeders could straighten out a few qualms I have with sexing yellows. My gf asked all the ways you can sex electric yellows and I was rather shocked that I wasn't able to identify 100% on any of them except the alpha males. So was wondering if possible if people could form a list of how to do it with pictures if possible. Again I realise its been done before but please help if you can, if not well don't comment please. =) Cheers clipper.
  17. Hi all, I'm planning on setting up my aquarium in a few weeks time and have started looking for some African Cichlids. I'm new to Brisbane (and Australia!) and have been to quite a few stores but so far have been really disappointed, particularly with the colour of the electric yellows. Is anyone able to recommend me a breeder that could sort me out with something decent (and yellow!!) Any advice would be most appreciated..... Thanks. Tom
  18. I am wanting to know the sex of my EY as i want to put some females or male in the tank. At what stage can you tell if an EY is male or female?
  19. ok me finks me getting the idea now y so many hate hybrids ...ever tryed to look for decent elec yellows ??? GOOD LUCK...anyways out of 200 fry iv bought only 18 are keepers 9 were from 1 guy witch i tend to buy all he has ...(hopeing anyways) ..is it becouse hybrids are taking ova or ppl just want to make a quick buck and dont give 2 shits wat they breed ..i dont know when i 1st started out in this hobby there was thousands of nice yellows...now just look like washed out crap wats the go are ppl hidding these away or wat... most common asked question is y u wont so many yellows ...answer is MIND UR OWN BUSNESS..WHEN I GET TIME ILL PUT A PIC UP OF MY YELLOWS .. but if anyone thinks they got some nice ones let me know or want to comment ur thoughts go right ahead ..even if u want a windge
  20. Hey all, Was wondering how other electric yellow keepers change the colour of their fish to orange? I've been breeding yellows for several years now and the LFS has asked if i can start supplying my yellows with a more orange tint as demonstrated on a few yellow/oranges some other guy brought in. was just wondering how you can go about this without introducing hybrids? clipper
  21. hey guys, if anyone can help with this sits that would be great.. my prob is that a few of my yellows are getting really thin in the stomach. so much so that there dying from it.. its not that im not feeding them cause all the rest are fat little buggers. and only 1 or 2 are showing symptoms at any given time.. TB maybe and if so how do i go about treating for that? any thouhts guys cheers Damo
  22. want to start breeding yellows done a bit of googleing and ther wasnt much info anybody share ther knowlegde difference between males and female s thanks
  23. Just wondering if anyone can help! We got home to 3 electric yellows dead in the tank and 2 more not looking great. We have done a water change and the PH is fine. Theres nothing on them. In the time I have written this 2 more have died.
  24. Hey All Woke up this morning to find 2 Electric Yellows about 5mm each swimming around ... I didn't even know that my adult EY's were breading Is there anything special I need to do ? Separate them etc ? Cheers Josh
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