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Found 12 results

  1. old fancy goldfish pond cheers mick
  2. :ballchain:DO they eat their young?? After a while?
  3. ..hi..I've a nice red devil which till about a month ago I thought to be female, but now has started to develop a bit of a kok,,huzzah,,however, several days ago i noticed one black dot on its lump, then later another,now like a grey rash... ....is that normal for a developing male red devil ??? ....thanks..... dave.... + a pic, cos we all like pics
  4. Just thought I'd share my ranchu, about an inch and a half from head to tail tip. I think it (too young for me to tell the sex, I think it's a she, however for now until I know better 'it' - haha) has nice potential, however it's tail is fused - acceptable but not ideal. It has a nice tail seat, back/body, colour, and is starting to develop some wen. Any grooming tips are welcome, as well as critique. Dan.
  5. May not be of too much interest to anyone, but caught one of my two young females laying her first eggs tonight. The other laid two weeks ago... now to find some nice males Not happy with her sister sharing the tank. Laying another line.
  6. Just a few pics of some of my young americans...sexy young white rivulatus and some nice dempsey(and should have the ability to produce some ebjd so makes them 2 times yum)...
  7. Hi I have always wanted to keep discus but have been deterred by their demanding requirements. I've recently decided to take the plunge and purchased 4 young discus (approx 6cm). I was wondering whether any experienced discus keepers could identify the types, and how they are likely to turn out as adults. They were the cheapest in the shops that I bought them from, so I'm not expecting quality, but they look great to me! These are a (hopefully successful) trial run before I even think about spending the $$ on the more expensive varieties. I have tried looking on websites to try to ID them myself, but I am still unsure. Appreciate any help. There is a blue one.. which I think is called a Blue Turquoise? WEB5D3_2012-6939 by cy1234, on Flickr And a red one that is similar.. Red Turquoise? WEB5D3_2012-6952 by cy1234, on Flickr Then there is this pale orange one with red fins..which I have no idea about. WEB5D3_2012-6953 by cy1234, on Flickr Lastly, this green/brown one with red spots: WEB5D3_2012-6997 by cy1234, on Flickr
  8. hey can anyone help us with one of our young oscars been off his tucker for a couple days & has small signs in 3 spots on his head looks like tiny spots of cotton wool.... no fin damage or any other obvious symptoms.... have isolated him from others, looking for suggestions please, cheers merry christmas:)
  9. Picked up a young (6cm) flowerhorn the other day. Quite cute and I'm very pleased, but I'd like to do my best to get a great looking fish out of him. Suggestions for the best food available for him, or a combination? Currently just feeding Hikari Bio Gold.
  10. hey guys just got a few questions on baby red devils.. When do they get there colours.? Wat age can i tell male from female.? When do they sexually develop.? And any thing else usefull.. thanks guys cam
  11. Hey guys, So i got a heap of baby albino BN off a guy not long ago and tbh they dont seem to have grown much, i got them at about 1.5cm and they are maybe 2cm now... (i proly got these at least a month ago) Ive been told, fresh zuchini and regular waterchanges are good to promote growth and i have done these things. (by regular i have been doing about 40% probably twice a week, along with a weekly ish filter clean (in tank water of course)) Any other pointers? Cheers Alex
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