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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a pair of L46's(Zebra Catfish). If anyone has a pair or knows where I could get one, I am open to offers. PM me cheers
  2. looking for ps. zebra long pelvics . mainly looking for females but would like a spare male. I have 1m/2f at the moment. I live in Townsville so would need to ship them but would really like to get these guys breeding so would like fresh bloodline if possible cheers Lenny
  3. Hey guys, setting up a new freshwater tank in my room over the next few days. I've got my heart set on a group of 6 danio. 3 red fun zebra and 3 regular zebra. And I was hoping to grab one or maybe a pair of something pea full but a bit bigger and maybe slower to help fill the tank out. The tank is 165 litres 2.8ft wide,1 deep and 2.4 high. So preferably something that will hang out mid/bottom tank and not spend the whole time under a rock. There will be one large, forked piece of timber with some plant cover around where it meets the surface, a few river stones and some grasses. I'll probably have pockets of tall this grass for the danio to dart around in. The tank will stay around 26 degrees Celsius and I'll have a bit of fast water moving through the tank for the danio. Is there any of the smaller fresh water shark breeds that a pair of would find my tank comfortable?I can see that possibly being a bad mix at some point though. thoughts? Any insight is helpful. cheers
  4. Hi Guy - I have been breeding L No's for a while now & was thinking of dabbling in some L046 's (zebra's ) -( I know little about them except I love the look of them ) & was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers to help me identify the L046's from other similar L No's - thanks
  5. .Hi all, I have 5 red zebras and 5 cobalt blues in my tank. 1 of the red zebras continuously picks on all the other reds and has chewed off half of one of the Reds tails. I now believe it has previously killed another red zebra. Does anyone have any advice for what I can do? thanks, Tim
  6. Hi,I asked a question if I can mix different breeds of zebras, I have Cobalts wanted to add some Reds,will they fight or just the usual behaviour of most Africans,I'm just not sure if they can be added,hope to hear from someone,thankyou.
  7. In our tank hiding amongst the rocks we have a marble zebra called jabba. he is a tad on the chubby side and quite shy. are marble zebras a hybrid fish like obs? If so is it possible that he may breed with my cobalts? would the offspring need to be terminated like other hybrids? I know he is a boy because every now and then he mans up comes out digs a hole and tries to pimp the ladies until Brutus comes out and beats him back into hiding.
  8. Can anyone ID the fish with orange colour, was told it's a red zebra but can't be too sure. Thanks Hope it's not a hybrid, nothing against them but I prefer to keep non hybrid. Thanks
  9. Depressed fish could help in the search for new drug treatments
  10. As title says, will 2-3cm red zeb fry eat new zeb fry? Or will they not fit in their mouth? If I keep the bigger fry well fed?
  11. New Scientist TV: Flashing brain video reveals fish mind in action
  12. Hi guys, I have a peacock (I think,photo attached) that is attacking everything he rules the mid section of the tank and attacks the crap out of the other guy that looks like him. I have a well stocked tank and do bi weekly water changes while running an FX5 in a 4x2x2. I have red zebs, there is a few males will have to sell them off ( I was warned about zebs aggression but took a chance). Its strange I have adult venustus and small little demasoni and they get along like great mates. Is it best to remove the peacock? I have tried rearranging etc I have lots of lava rock and hiding spaces keeps trying to rule the tank. Any input would be great, cheers.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. hi guys thought i would share some photos of these shrimp as i finaly worked how to do the whole photo thing for people wondering i will only be letting 100 of these guys go as i dont want to flood the marked hope u enjoy
  15. Just wondered if anyone else here was keeping this little native from North QLD, and how they have found them for hardiness and easy breeding in their tanks. Thanks
  16. Are Zebra pleco's available for sale in Australia??
  17. I have 2 L046s that I can get, a breeding pair. But they are very expensive for just 2. I do want L046s a lot, BUT I want to breed them. SO... I was wondering if it was a good idea to pick these two up....Or just let it slide for now?
  18. Hey all, Just thought I might share some pics that I just took. Sorry for the bad quality, I really need to get a good camera Enjoy Comments welcome Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  19. hi there me and my girl are fairly new at ciclids and we arrrr wondering why 1 of our zebra"s would just randomley shake thnks..todd
  20. Just thought id share a couple of pics of my zebra loaches And a couple of my Uaru thanks to all the effort of Dave Fish Junkie for aquiring them for me thanks again mate settled in really well And i thought id sneek one of my sev cause it was a decient pic hope you all enjoy
  21. Hey all, Just wondering if there were any snowball or zebra pleco breeders on the Gold Coast or surrounding areas..? Or if anyone has seen these guys in your local fish shops? Thanks
  22. Hi, this is one of my zebs, he has coloured up more since put into a different tank, he looks like a metallic bluey silver with a well defined black face mask and stripes, but I couldn't get the camera to pick this up. A beautiful fish.
  23. I have 2 red zebra cichlids that are bright orange which made me think they are females, but act like males and are very territorial between themselves and the other fish In the tank. How do i tell if their males or females?
  24. Can anyone comment on what they're like to keep? Are they territorial? Are they Omnivorous or strictly Herbivore? How big do they grow? Do they need caves as with most Mbuna? Etc etc . . . Got a male today and figured it would fit into my Mbuna display without too much drama. But there isn't a hell of a lot of info about Zebra Long Pelvics on the Net or anywhere. Thanks!
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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