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FS 3 X 2 X 2 New Tank - SOLD

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Have 1 new tank for sale jut bigger then 3X2x2 ie 920x615x615.

Only selling because it is 3mm to long for my stand (2 same tanks to fit on a middle row of a 6 foot stand)

Is made out of laminated glass and I am asking $80 ono now reduced to $60. Had a price for getting made a similar tank and was quoted $160.

Tank will hold Approx 340 litres and is drilled for a 50mm inlet on a system.

Reply here or phone 38022893 or 0419759025

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how cheap would it be to make 5x2x2? or would it just be better to buy it from aquariumsrus they charge $270

is aquariumsrus tanks made out of laminated glass?


no i dont think so. i have a 4ft from them it it isnt

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