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Any Help Appreicated

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I have recently set up a 4 ft tank with canister filter and 300w heater :D . The tank has been running for approximately 2 weeks now. I used 30 liters of water from my 3 foot tank to help encourage the nitrogen cycle along and add some bacteria to the water. This tank does not have any fish currently inhabiting it but I was hoping to put a few of my Electric Yellows in to help them grow out faster and inturn breed. My porblem is that I put in gravel and 4 large rocks from my back yard. These rocks were cleaned with tap water then soaked overnight in a 40/60 bleach mixture then resoaked again the following day (Same Mixture) then rinsed throughly. I put them into the tank 1 week into the water cycle and have noticed that a browish film 8O (Like a curtain almost) has formed on the top and sides of one of the rocks. I think the rock is a multilayer sedimentary rock. Can anyone tell me what this stuff is and what I can do to remove it (Gravel Filter). Will it harm my fishies? I took photos but don't know how to attach them on here. :oops:

Thanks again everyone for all the helpful info. :) [/img]

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