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Dubious nerite - Clithon oualaniensis

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Little is known about the snail and there is no online information about it in the aquarium. The following is my opinion based on research and my own experience.

Psychical Description : they grow to about 9mm shell diameter they come in many pattern and colour variations.

Water parameters: They require hard water with a pH of at least 7 to prevent shell erosion. however, i have had blue rams spawn in a tank with them so the water doesn't have to be ridiculous hard or have a really high pH. Copper should be avoided but i have some in a a tank dosed daily with ferts containing copper. they can tolerate poor water conditions and will survive pretty much anything any tropical fish can.

Temperature: I have kept them in tanks from 16 to 32 degrees without fatalities although they seem to be most active around 27

Behavior: They prefer to be near the surface of the tank when not feeding but will reach all areas of the tank looking for algae and diotomes. They have not caused damage to any of my plants even when there is no algae. They are able to hold themselves on the surface of the water and consume bio film as well. death can occur due to them falling onto their backs and not being able to rite themselves and starving or being preyed upon. This is most common on fine sand substrate as they are unable to get a firm hold. A lid is a must as they do venture above the water line.

Breeding: There is no consensus among studies on their breeding habit with reports of marine only to brackish and freshwater. However, i have had them breed in water approximately 50/50 salt to fresh and not attempted fully freshwater breeding. Like other nerites they lay small white egg packets on the hardscape but they are much smaller and more inconspicuous than eggs of other nerites.

Compatibility: avoid placing them with large or snail eating species. shrimp and bottom swelling species will sometimes eat a snail that is stuck on its back.

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