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Miracle L397 fry

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I call it a miracle because I didn't know I even had eggs! I had gotten lazy and let nitrates rise to 10 for 3 days before I did a water change. I turned the heater down to trigger spawning for a whole day, not knowing the deed had already been done.

I did a 30% water change with gravel vac and fortunately didn't kill the one fry kicked out of the cave with fright.

I couldn't find a frysaver to fit under the limited access of a bottom tier tank so I used a net saver and popped the whole cave, dad, fry and all into the net but the cave pulled the frame apart so I had to prop D caves up under it to hold it together. I made a custom frysaver to fit the fry but silicon needs time to cure. That was yesterday.

Tonight I checked nitrates and they were still up on the 10 mark so I thought I would do a little water change with stored, warmed and airated water. I looked at the net saver and the frame is nearly torn adrift again. There is a L397 whizzing around the netsaver instead of sitting in the cave tending the fry and there seems quite a lot of poop in the net.

Ok, drastic action. I rinsed the (touch wood) hopefully ready custom fry saver and got it ready. Took out the L397 and put it back into the tank. Took the cave out of the net saver and opened it to put any fry gently into a container and then to pour them into the new frysaver. Whoa there!

There is a hairy male in the cave with the fry. The other L397 must have been a female in the cave with the male and the fry and getting ready to lay. I thought that one I took out of the netsaver looked a bit fat come to think of it.

So dad got put into the tank as well, and the fry into a container. There were 16 of the cutest little things you've ever seen.

Couldn't resist a few baby photos before I added the fry to the new frysaver.

Dad has his cave back so he can woo the girl again. Hopefully all goes well but gee I seem to have done everything wrong so far. :lol:






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