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JUMBO Square bottom fish transportation bags have arrived ....LIMITED....

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OK By request we have finally received some JUMBO square bottom shipping bags.

These bags are HUGE and are designed for shipping large fish (1 bag per box)

These bags are also thicker than normal bags (however double bagging is always still recommended) to give an idea on the size of these bags the one in the picture is holding 40 liters of water. A roll of 100 of these bags weighs around 5Kg (our other bags a roll of 100 is under 1kg)

I have a very limited number of these but if they get the big green tick i will carry them as a permanent line.

Don't forget to use your QLDAF discount code QLDAF10 to get an additional 10% off.

Fish Bags - Accessories


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Bit of feedback ~ I've been doing a bit of shipping recently and using these JUMBO bags for the first time. They are great, I'm really happy with them. I know they are designed for very large fish, but I have been finding them really handy for transporting numbers of larger electric yellows. I have used them to ship 25 female electric yellows at around 7cm in one bag and 21 male electric yellows at around 8cm in one bag where the fish were in the bags for some time with oxygen without any problems at all. In fact, there was so much room in these bags I probably could have put double those numbers of fish in them without any problems.

Cheers, Doug

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