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Aquael Circulator 1000lph Half Price $17.97 and there is more.....

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We have taken up a awesome deal and passing on the savings on the Aquael Circulator 1000 lph Powerhead. 50% off is good but even better when you still get the QLDAF 10% discount off that.

These are not a cheap Chinese made unit they are quality ceramic shaft European made Powerhead. This is well below the normal wholesale price.

Deal of the Day - Aquael Powerhead 1000lph




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Silly question no doubt. Does this sit inside the tank, underwater? We need something to make a flow in our 4ft tank.

Perfect way to add some flow and help with dead spots. Sits in the tank by suction cups to stick it to the tank and will aerate via the venturi and also the fin on the front will help direction the flow for you. The suction cups are made in a way to reduce any vibration.

It also has flow control. Basically everything you need.

Here is everything that it comes with.


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Quick question.... With the 4ft tank I'm putting this is I have a 2217 spray bar at the top on the right. The inlet is at the bottom on the right.

What's the location for this power head to circulate the water best?

My guess was under the spray bar.

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