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shrimp fungus

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K so one of my black cherry girls had a big fuzzy ball of fungus growing in her tail where her eggs would have been, I isolated her in a qt tank and the amount of nothing I found on the net was astonishing lots on vorcella and the likes, but alot of people I spoke/contacted said sounds like a dead shrimp, then I was contacted back by a guy from germany apparently its caused by an infection and its cured by slowly increasing salt level garlic juice and small dosing of Parafix thst was the last I heard from him, no dosing instructions at all just what to dose, I had her in a 4 litre betta tank with an airstone and a bit of plant for her to hide in I started with a quarter teaspoon of salt gradually added over 2 days then as close to quarter recommended parafix day 3 every day changing a fifth of the water for circulation after the first week all the fluffy stuff went away just the swollen underside was exposed I then increased the salt another quarter of a teaspoon over the next three days and just kept a watvh on her week 2.5 she is healthy showing no sign of distress I left her in qt for another week fully changing the water using mature water from my tank she is fine now, just thought id share incase someone else comes across the same hassles, dunno if its the best solution but it worked for me

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