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6ft low light planted tank restart, please give me your ideas

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After nearly a year, I finally got some time to get back with my fish tank.

Thanks for all the help from @beences and [MENTION=13501]drvolcom[/MENTION] to help me move the tank as I couldn't do it alone.

Without you two, I would need to quit the hobby ;)

Then paint the stand with advises from [MENTION=1378]Fish[/MENTION]Junky, car jack to level and spacing advises from [MENTION=12614]Al32[/MENTION] and [MENTION=506]aquaholic[/MENTION]. Gravel from AOA with Donny and Ben... Light and foam and a nice chat with aquariumsrus.

The list is long as you can see that I am still noobs with many things, but the great ppl here helped me.

I am greatly appreciate all of your advises or comments.

Here is the result for my 6x2x2.3 just filled in today. Ordered some plants and will plant soon.

HAPPY unheatedtank now lol...


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what gravel have you used ?

Half propagating sand and aqua fert, top up with 10bags Dupla ground from AOA.

AOA also stocks HC and other plants which I tried two packs as in pic. The water level is reduced so that I didnt need to dive my head and shoulder in to plan lol...

More plants will come tomorrow. Any suggestions on driftwood or plants as I have a few more straight ones and Rotala repens come?


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