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Looking for clay log ornament, anyone know where i could buy them ??

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I'll attach a couple photos from one of my tanks, I currently have 2 of these but i'm looking to buy another 2,

If you know where i can find these, or happen to have one or more in your collection please PM me !!




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Is this what you are after??


No john, but it is very similar, must be the same as in my photo's to keep the aesthetic look in my living room is my current problem, i know they are around but have been discountinued meaning the only ones floating around are in peoples collections and it is proving difficult to get hold of another 2 for my collection however i already currently have 3 lol -- But still want another 2 !!

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They come in three sizes - small medium and large...lol

Have no idea but can chase it up if they are any good for you.

They are made of clay not resin ?

Would be interested in knowing how big the "large" ones are john, must be big enough to allow my 20cm+ loach colony access

Price would also be an interesting factor,

But in the mean time, anyone with the clay log ornaments the same as my photo please do PM me ill be happy to pay top dollars for your old ornament.

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