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hey guys,

my display tank has been running for around a month now, and Ive just started to notice some aggressive algae growth.

its running 4 4ft t5 lights 2x pink 1xblue 1x daylight at around 4 hours per day.

its in patches on the glass, but all over the texas holey rock and barnacles.

its a poo brown colour, with some green on the holey rocks!.

id like to try some biological control before hitting it with chems.

all help greatly appreciated



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water plus lights equals algae... the more light and nutrients the more algae you will get..

even if you had algae eating fish they never fully remove it , i have tropheus tanks that still have algae on the glass and rocks, they cant get it all..

less lights and nutrients will slow it down, but if you really want it gone, YOU will have to remove the rocks and clean them, wipe down glass etc.

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