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Have Questions on Centrals? Get them Answered this Friday 5

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Rusty gave us his presentation last night at the VCS and it was brilliant

certainly not one to miss

Had to put up a big thank you to the QCG for putting on tonight's talk from Rusty.

I really appreciated being able to come see this even though I am a non member, and especially for free.

The collecting spots, the beautiful fish, it was all a real pleasure to hear from someone so dedicated to the hobby & to see the fish in their natural forms & habitats.

Thanks again to all involved in the QLD Cichlid Group & any others that helped put this on, I slipped away early as it was way past my bed time :)

Anyone that was thinking of going but didn't, I think you really missed out...

Certainly agreed [MENTION=4059]aussiem01[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3100]Craigo[/MENTION]

A Once in a fish keeping lifespan to meet a Centrals expert that has introduced many new species into the hobby with a conservational purpose in mind due to natural habitat decline.

Amazing (but not surprising) just how much variation there is from the wild fish to what we have to work with here...

You are in for a treat [MENTION=2827]pat[/MENTION] :)

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