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Top Grade Black Ranchu

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Hello guys,

Currently letting go of some very nice black ranchu recently imported from Thailand.

This little group is up for grabs as they are surplus to the breeding program.

They all have great body shape,good headgrowth and good size.I reckon they are possibly the best batch of the Thai black ranchu I myself have personally seen so grab some very nice ranchu while you can.




Sorry the pics aren't the best quality...either was the camera :eyebrows:


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Thanks goldenswimmers :dance:

They really are lovely fish and don't mind being handled. Went in with my large female to see if any signs of a male. Shut down at 11pm (ooooopz late tonight) and no sign up till then.. They didn't miss a beat when i put them in. Immediately searching for food. roflmao. Think they are both female. Will let u know for sure in a few days. Thank you also for the interesting discussion. All round a wonderful adventure.


lilly :beer:

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No I think he has been pushing his way under a bit of driftwood and moved the scales during a eating frenzy

. My black Moore has done the same thing and lived. I have a uv on that tank generally scale loss equals death via bacteria infection.

I have lost scales before on fish that got stuck on a powerhead strainer bubble cheeks that was and he died a few days later, just not good swimmers those bubble cheeks. What foods enhance the gold fish colors? I am feeding him tetra at the moment.

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Fish is fine scales have returned to normal like my other Ranchu hes a little eating machine.

I keep some plecos in the same tank and try to put a wafer in everyday and try to get it under a bit of driftwood,

hence my theory about the scales from pushing under the wood to get the catfishs food.

Hes a great little guy once i get the big tank setup I'll be getting some more off [MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] thats for sure.

All the kids keep asking me where his eyes are lol.

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