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Hi so glad to be on here. my mangrove jack is in brackish water he is rubbing on the rocks all the time. We can't see anything on him we have changed his water and have also treated him with white spot medicine as the fish shop told us to. He eats fine is happily swimming around but does a flick against the rock all the time. What else can it be or could it be a habbit?

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How much salt did you add to how much water?

Might be worth getting a hydrometer at some stage.

If not, try to record how much salt you added, and also any water changes.

This will help you maintain a standard salinity.

Jacks can handle big changes in salinity...... but the filter bacteria cant always.

Happy filter bacteria = good water = happy jack!

Itching in fish can be a response to chemical changes in the water.

You see it a bit in cichlids when you change the GH.

I would get the water tested, or get kits to test.

ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH

tests for these 4 will tell you a lot about your tanks health.

What would really help is a picture.

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