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Chris Tschumy

African Cichlids 4 to 5 cm

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FOR SALE 06/09 - 12/09

African Cichlids 4 - 5 cm, located Durack, shipping available

These fish $5 each or 6 for $25, mix and match

Dragon Blood Peacocks, Electric Blues, Venustus, Electric Yellows, Red fin Kadangos, Flamebacks, Crimson Tides, Blue Dolphins

Limited numbers on Eureka Reds, OB Peacocks, Saulosi, Mpanga

Livingstonii $8 each or 6 for $40

A few display males, 6 to 10 cm, $10 each ( Dragon bloods x 2, Crabro x 2, Red Top Hongi x 2, Lombardoi x 2, Demasoni)

Clown Loaches 5 cm for $10

Synodontis petricola catfish available (4 cm for $10)

Common plecos(5 cm for $10) or Sailfin plecos (5 cm for $15)

Egg tumblers $15 each (Hatching Hope Tumblers)

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Hi mate id like to get

4 x dragon blood, 6 x electric blues, 6 x electric yellow, 2 x venustus, 3 x flame backs, 3 x crimson tides, 2 x blue dolphins, 6 x livingstonii, 4 x flame backs

Could you give me an estimate on delivery time ill just need to work it out so im home as I work away


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