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Latest generation of shrimp foods is here!

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You dont want average when it comes to the shrimp side of the hobby.

You want something created by an insane shrimp scientist* fixated on creating the perfect shrimp food.

After exhaustive testing of batches on a large range of shrimps to ensure correct levels of the little things needed for each breed to look their best.

We now have the result, a food that unites the essentials with the desired optionals. Nutrients loaded with minerals!

If shrimp are getting their minerals from their food, then maintaining an exact GH in a shrimp aquarium becomes less essential.

This is probably the trickiest part of the more challenging shrimp types, and frequently requires maths to get optimal.

So very handy to have a food that gets the job done.

This stuff is also FRESH and made with the best organic ingredients.

It drags the tanks shrimp to it, so place it in the perfect location, and snap some good pictures of them all feeding.

Once they get a taste for it...... no other food can compare.

And that is how it got its street name.

Age of Aquariums - Shrimp Crack 30gm



I cant help but think this would be a potent treat for larger crayfish or even crab species.

*may not actually be an insane shrimp scientist......... but if you described an insane shrimp scientist....... he would tick most the boxes. In a good way XD

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The next shrimp product is Shrimp Snow.

And its the food that keeps on giving!

Not only will shrimp feed directly on the chunk you add in,

But more importantly they will feed on the living biofilm that also feeds on it.

This successfully mimics the way dwarf shrimps feed on biofilms in the wild.

Its clean and healthy for the shrimps

and an ideal way to introduce some live food into their diet.

With shrimp snow, a little goes a long way!

Age of Aquariums - Shrimp Snow 30gm



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I have used the crack and it's a great product.

Good to see aoa get on board with some locally made shrimp foods.

Everyone with shrimp should try this, you won't look back.

Cheers mick

Ps insane shrimp scientist is the right way to describe the maker of these products.

Cheers mick

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