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Fresh water to Salt water

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Hey guys and gals,

Assuming I were to purchase the dry goods and salt necessary to run a Marine reef tank what else would I have to do to make the change over to marine? Would I have to sell all my lava rock I have or would I be able to use that as base rock for growing corals etc? What size sump would you recommend for a 4x2x2 and are there overflow boxes that don't require drilling the tank or is drilling the only way?



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Firstly I would get the tank drained, cleaned and drilled.

Yea theres overflow boxes, but if you can get it drilled, get it drilled.

As far as sump size, go for the largest you can, that is not too awkward to clean.

eg you dont want it to too high.

I have had lava rock in marine tanks before when I was young, and I had ok success in them.

These days I would never use them as the variety of mineral concentrations varies so much in lava rock.

Better safe than sorry.

This is much easier if you can explain what you want in a marine tank.

Then we work back and help you ID the equipment you would need to achieve it reliably.

A big ask I know, as before you have something its hard to know exactly what you want.

Perhaps look on google images for the type of marine tank you want.

Because with so many options the only advice I can give is to get what I like

and thats a tad bias........

I would get tank drilled.

Setup sump for carbon dosing and ease of water change.

Research chillers and lights.

As to brands,

my shopping list recomendation would be,

Teco is about to release a new chiller that looks very good.

Kessil lights are highly reccomended. Awesome tech.

Laguna return pumps continue to impress me with reliability.

Phosban reactor for GFO and another for bio plastics.

Tunze wavemakers, just keep going.

Deltec skimmer.

South Seas base rock.

Red sea live sand.

Tunze Osmolator

Red Sea refractometer

Salifert test kits

Filter socks and holder

If I got all that for xmas, I'd be a happy man!

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Thanks for the advice Donny still only a thought at the moment since mum would kill me if I changed to marine because I've spent a fair bit on the tank already. Not entirely sure on stock list but would love a lion fish or a snowflake moray eel, if not would want a really vibrant reef with clowns, blue tangs etc

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