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FEMALE: Kingsizei/Pulpican, Pulu Point Red Zebra. MALE: Dragons Blood Peacock

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Looking to add some fish to my colonies. Must be good quality fish.

Kingsizei/Pulpican: Ideally 5-10 females at 60mm+, but will consider colonies and/or fry 40mm+

Pulu Point Red Zebra (with the orange iris): Ideally 5-10 females at 80mm+

Mylochromis Anaphyrmus: Females at 100mm+, I bought a colony as 2m/2f and ended up with 4 males.

Dragons Blood Peacock: 1-2 truly stunning males at 100mm+. Must have plenty of red in them.

Prepared to pay well for good quality fish. Must provide pictures unless I know your stock.

Obviously, the closer to Ormeau the better, but I'd make a drive if you have a few of the fish I seek.

pm or email me at fintasticcichlids@bigpond.com

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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