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Massive Fish Room Sellout

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Massive fish room sellout.

I have a number of racks and tanks to get rid of after closing down my fish room.

Many people on here know these tanks and how well they worked in the setup.

These have been turned off from my main system and drained but have not been scrubbed out yet so they will need a small clean when re setting them up.

All racks/tanks come drilled with bulkhead fittings,inlet taps and nearly all the tanks have lids.

A lot of the tanks are custom made and very high quality.

I would prefer to sell each rack as a complete unit to start with and later on if anything is left I may think about splitting.

Once the tanks are gone I will have a lot of smaller items to sell like fittings,heaters,pipe work and fish food,ect.

Please note these are all advertised elsewhere.

Rack Of Tanks - Full Complete System $1000

3 Tier Heavy Duty Pallet Racking - 3 Ft Wide

This rack has 10 tanks on it and all are 3x18x18's with lids and all are drilled and fully plumbed into its own large sump.

They sit end to end on this setup to get more tanks on it.

Most tanks are custom made by and are superb quality.

It comes with a large custom made sump which is made from polycarbonate and is full of quality media.

The pump is a full bronze Grundfos 3 Speed Pump with a few spare parts thrown in as backups.

This is not the normal cheaper steel cased Grundfos,this one is marine grade Brass and worth a lot of money on its own.

The entire system is fully plumbed with taps on every tank and all draining back into the custom made 1220 x 600 x 415 sump on the lower tier.

This Grundfos will comfortably run 2-3 times this amount of tanks so plenty of capacity to expand.

This is an amazing breeding setup and perfect for the serious breeders.

If you are interested in this setup, you are most welcome to come over and view it.





Solid Hardwood 3 Tier Rack - $400

2320 x 570mm x 1650h to top shelf.

This rack holds 6 tanks but only has 4 on it.

It holds 4 ft tanks on one side and 3 ft tanks on the other side.

1 - 4 x 18 x 20

1 - 4 x 18 x 18

2 - 3 x 18 x 18's

All tanks are drilled and ready to go.


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