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Shrimp dying.

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Water is all good,yet in the last week I have had three female RCS die on me.There is only RCS in the tank,along with two BN fry.Its got me stumped,I have had them for about 3 mths I got them when they where juveniles.There is no marking of being attacked or the likes.Any clues please or is it just the way it is.No ferts,fully cycled tank.no aerosol spray,water changes every other week.Temp seems okay 25 degrees Celsius.Nothing new added. Thank you.

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Righto I have finally gotten around to checking the kh/gh,both take 3 drops before changing colour. From what I can gather the gh is low. Someone suggested shell grit in the filter system to increase it.

I done a check on the water today and this is what came up...ph 6.4,nitrite 0,nitrate 0,ammonia 0,kh 3,gh3.

I know I should have a showing of nitrate,as it showed zero I checked my fish tank and that showed 5.0ppm,so that eliminated a faulty test kit.

Last water change was two weeks ago,changing out 20ltrs in 90 ltr tank.

Another death yesterday,female with eggs. I am only losing females.

I am in the process of getting a TDS pen.

My males do out number the females and I am wondering if the males could be hassling the females.

Thank you.

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Cherry shrimp like higher parameters than crystals.

Ph 7-8, Kh 4-10 gh 4-14.

I would say that you have a molting issue, when they shed their shell they need the higher Kh gh to format a new shell.

Kh and ph are related so if you bring the ph up to 7.5 the Kh should follow.

If your using shrimp soil that will be hard to do, shrimp soil is mainly used for crystals and bee shrimp.

Cheers mick

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