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How many fish will fit comfy?

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I'm looking at down sizing my malawi cichlid tank soon.

It's currently a 5x2x2 but I'd like to go down to a 4x1.5x2.

We have about 40 cichlids atm - ranging between 8-12cm.

I've been trying to do the math, and I think 20 would fit. I'm going to be sad about getting giving some of them away so i'm hoping to keep as many as possible.

Can any help with maybe some previous experience?

They are a general mix of venustus, dragon bloods, elec yellows etc

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

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Basically all comes down to your water quality/filtration. The more fish, the more frequent water changes and general tank maintenance you will have to do. 40 would probably be upper limit to a tank with that footprint though. If you decide to move some on, try and remove any females first as will generally calm things down.

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With an fx6 you should be able to keep all 40 no worries as long as there is no females and you do weekly waterchanges.

Just remember a good filter is only half the battle, you have to have the right media.

I have had 100 Malawi in a 5x2x2 with 2 sponge filters, a 1200lph cheap cannister filled with Scoria and dacron and weekly wc, didn't have any issues.

Cheers mick

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