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Sample - Mangrove Jack Food...

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hey guys,

I have a mangrove jack that i have been feeding live food to for the last couple of months but really want to covert him to pellets.

im currently starving it and 3 days in.

could any one recommend or have sample of a good food that i could buy a small amount before spending big $$$ only for it to not eat and then ill be just wasting my money.


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Massivore mate starved mine and he ate it. If hes still small-ish try and get him started beforehand on some live blackworms so hes used to hitting something without as much movement as live. Start dropping in pieces of massivore in with his blackworm until he will readily take it.

Sometimes they are stubborn haha, nothing wrong with freezing a few mullet and stuffing them with massivore either :-P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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