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Mixed large american cichlids

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<BR><BR>Clearing out my tank, all fish must go.

Have the following available;

1 x Jack Dempsey

15+cm $30

6 x Jags

1@30cm $25

1@20-25cm $20

1@15-20cm $20

3@12-15xml $15

All jags for 80

5 x Red Devils

1@30cm $50

1@25cm $40

3@20cm $30

All red devil for $100

1 x Synspilum

1 x fenestratus both huge, sold as pair for $80

2 x breeding convicts (white female no stripes)$30

2 x Festae

Male and female, $80

1 x Green terror

@10cm $20

1 x Oscar

@12cm $15

Will trade for African cichlids or breeding bristlenose

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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